Writing Tips and Tools

Get tips, tricks and tools on the craft of writing.

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers' covers where to begin, where to get feedback and where to get published.

Support and resources

Writers Victoria offers ongoing support to Indigenous writers throughout the year, including events and workshops in regional and rural areas, collaboration with regional festivals and author talks to raise cultural awareness in the writing community.

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Non-fiction' covers where to begin and find specific information and genealogy resources. 

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Playwrights' covers where you can get your play workshopped and performed, and where you can get your script assessed.  

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Poets' covers where to get published, competitions and poetry groups. 

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Romance Writers' covers sub-genres, online communities, and associations.

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Screenwriters' covers where you can learn screenwriting and how to develop a script and turn it into a film.

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Writers Under 16' covers where to begin with writing associations, publications and competitions. 


A headshot of Carly Findlay

"It is important that diverse voices are made space for, and heard," says Write-abilty tutor Carly Findlay. "We should tell our stories so we're in control of them.

Photo of CS Pacat

"To write a book, you have to transform yourself into a person who can write that book," says WV tutor CS Pacat.