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Long Courses

Our long courses are specially designed to help you take your writing practice deeper. They are ideal for writers of all levels who want the opportunity to work closely with an established writer and explore a topic more thoroughly so you can continue to refine and improve your writing.

Portrait of Erina Reddan

The Bones of a Story with Erina Reddan

In-person at The Wheeler Centre
Saturdays 7 and 21 October and 18 November, 10AM – 4PM

Lots of people can write well; fewer can tell a gripping story that connects with people emotionally. It’s the writers who do both who change the world. This course sets you up to do that by providing you with the tools to figure out, in a fast-paced interactive way, the bones of your story. We investigate what makes a great ‘story’ and then apply these key principles to your idea, testing them to make sure your story works and developing a tight elevator pitch to prove it.

Portrait of Ellie Marney

Self-Publishing in Depth with Ellie Marney

In-person at The Wheeler Centre
Saturdays 28 October and 11 and 25 November, 10AM – 4PM

A practical, three-day intensive designed to outfit you with all the skills and information you need to successfully self-publish – from essential knowledge to more advanced tricks. As Beth Revis said, ‘Welcome to the world of publishing. BYOB.’

Portrait of Jon Tjhia

Podcasts and Audio Storytelling with Jon Tjhia

Sundays 29 October, 12 and 26 November, 10AM – 4PM

It’s true that audio recording – and thus podcasting – is more approachable to many than it’s ever been. Yet the craft of making something that sounds good, holds interest and resonates with listeners is a skill like any other. What different approaches to audio storytelling might suit writers? What possible experiences can you offer a listener? And how might you approach various forms of collaboration?

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