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Insight into speechwriting (podcast)

Yannick Thoraval came in to chat to us about speechwriting, which is the theme of his upcoming Summer School workshop in January.

Listen to the podcast

For a helpful guide on how to listen to and download a podcast we recommend watching this video, where podcast aficionado Ira Glass and his friend Mary Ahearn explain how to access a podcast. Happy listening!

About Yannick Thoraval

Yannick Thoraval is a professional communications advisor, with more than seven years of speechwriting experience. He teaches in the Professional Writing and Editing Program at RMIT.

You can get the benefit of Yannick’s expertise through our Business Writing program.

Or join his Business Writing workshop on Speeches and Presentations in May 2017.

About Ally Scale

Ally Scale is a Program Marketing Intern at Writers Victoria. She has just returned from Iceland where she completed a Master of Arts (Writing and Literature). She spends her days working as a freelance writer.


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