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Own Voices - Why Writing Matters Forum - Latrobe

This free event is a forum is for disabled writers in the Latrobe Shire interested in joining the Writeability Goes Local Writers Group. which will run at Traralgon Library between January and August of 2024. It will also benefit anyone working with, caring for or supporting people with disability. Part one of the forum, Why Writing Matters, provides professional development on the Social Model of Disability and best practice language for support workers, carers, and organisations. After lunch, part two of the forum, Own Voices, explores how language, writing and telling our own stories helps transform ways of thinking about ourselves, disability and our community. It also introduces local mentor Jessica Walton, who will facilitate the Writers Group, scheduled to run for eight sessions over the coming months. Writers with disability at all levels of experience are invited to attend.
  • An introduction to the 2024 Season 1 Program

    An introduction to the 2024 Season 1 Program

    As an introduction to our 2024 program of events, Writers Victoria’s Program and Partnerships Manager, Anna Kate Blair, writes below about our 2024 theme: TWILIGHT. oh! that the time comes when hearts are aflame – Arthur Rimbaud, borrowed as an epigraph by Éric Rohmer, and now by me In summer, twilight comes late. I’m impatient…

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