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Spotlight Services

Spotlight is a suite of budget options that links you with experienced writers, editors and industry experts for personalised feedback on your work. Writers Victoria works with a team of authors, editors and writing tutors to make sure your work is read by someone with expertise in your area.

Each service gives feedback on your work from an experienced industry professional, helping you to make your project the best it can be, whether you want to share your writing with your family, self-publish, or submit it to a commercial publisher.

The Spotlight suite complements our manuscript assessment and mentoring services. If you’re considering one of those services, a Spotlight can also give you a taster of what to expect in a longer assessment or mentorship.

What to Expect

For each Spotlight service, you have the choice of receiving feedback in one of two ways:

  • Written feedback: Marked-up pages + a written report of 500 words
  • Spoken feedback: Marked-up pages + a 15-minute phone/Zoom meeting (5 minutes of questions and introductions, followed by 10 minutes of document feedback)

 The Spotlight Services

Spotlight on… Your First Chapter

An experienced writer will read and provide feedback on the first chapter of your work in progress (up to 2000 words) with attention to the key elements of style, structure, setting, character and voice, point of view, and the all-important task of hooking the reader.

Price: $165 (members) / $215 (non-members)

Spotlight on… A Key Poem

An experienced poet will read and provide feedback on a key poem (up to 60 lines) or suite of poems (up to 200 lines) with attention to voice, form, layout, and the texture of the language.

Price: $205 (members) / $260 (non-members)

Spotlight on… A Short Story

An experienced short story writer will read and provide feedback on a short story (up to 2500 words) with attention to the elements of style, story arc, setting, character and voice, point of view, and resolution, helping you to polish that gem.

Price: $240 (members) / $300 (non-members)

Spotlight on…Your Voice in Memoir

An experienced memoir/non-fiction writer will read an excerpt of your work (up to 2000 words) and provide feedback on your voice with attention to its specificity and how fresh, engaging, and vivid it is.

Price: $165 (members) / $215 (non-members)

Spotlight on…Your Pitch/Blurb

Get expert advice on the pitch and blurb (up to 300 words) for your writing project, whether fiction or non-fiction.

Price: $155 (members) / $200 (non-members)

Spotlight on…Your Synopsis

Get expert advice on the synopsis for your writing project (up to four pages, or 1000 words), whether fiction or non-fiction.

Price: $155 (members) / $200 (non-members)

Terms and Conditions

  • Writers Victoria maintains your privacy and the privacy of the expert giving you feedback. We will not exchange any contact details without permission from both of you. If you book spoken feedback, it will take place via a phone call or a Zoom meeting set up by Writers Victoria.
  • Your feedback will be restricted to marked-up pages plus a 500-word written report, or a combination of marked-up pages plus a 15-minute phone/Zoom meeting. You will not arrange direct contact or follow-up sessions with your expert. If you wish to receive more feedback, you may book a second Spotlight or enquire about a full assessment or mentorship through Writers Victoria.
  • The author’s copyright over their work will be respected at all times. Writers Victoria and the expert will not use or distribute your work without your permission.
  • Copyright of the expert’s report remains with the expert and cannot be published or otherwise used without approval.
  • Writers Victoria reserves the right to decline writing and payments at its sole discretion without further correspondence.
  • A Spotlight does not guarantee publication of your writing. Feedback may help you polish your work for submission to a commercial publisher, but it will not directly impact your chances of publication. Writers Victoria and our experts are not able to approach publishers on your behalf.

For more information, phone (03) 9917 5684 or contact us via email.

How to Book

Download the Spotlight Services booking form, fill it out, and return it via email to [email protected].

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