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Stormy Weather Anthology

A collection of writing from Storming the City 2023

Stormy Weather Anthology: Contents

  1. Whistling by Willa
  2. Disabled and professional (yes, it’s possible) by Laura Pettenuzzo 
  3. The Rising by Ibtisam Shahbaz
  4. The Waves by Julie Dickson
  5. Crash by Liel Bridgford 
  6. Baby Born by Arty Owens
  7. Sunbather by Zoe Simmons

An Introduction from Lyndel Caffrey, Acting Writeability Program Manager

It’s exciting to introduce our 3rd Storming the City Anthology: Stormy Weather.

Here you’ll find tales to curl up with on a cold wet day, when the best place to be is on the couch in front of a warm fire, a hot mug of soup, or coffee or tea in your hand. Poems that taste of cardamon and star anise. Stories of baby dolls that take on a scary life of their own. Stories of sunbathing, treading water, getting swept away by waves too powerful to resist. Stories of sandcastles, trains and the crack of a whip a long way from the city.  Writing that is a great exasperated shout the way the world sees us and the strength and determination we need to get shift old and mistaken perspectives.

These writings from the margins are moving their authors to centre stage.

Thanks to all the participants of this year’s Storming the City program, and to all the contributors to this rain or shine collection.

Thanks to the City of Melbourne for supporting these new and emerging voices: storytellers, poets, activists and essayists through the Storming the City Program.

Lyndel Caffrey

Acting Writeability Program Manager

Please be aware that the writers contributing to the Stormy Weather Anthology have freedom of expression and that some stories may contain coarse language or confronting themes around disability. 

This anthology is part of Storming the City, which was funded by the City of Melbourne Arts and Creative Investments Partnership program.  

Copyright belongs to the creators.

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