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Respinning the magic of fairy tales (video)

In this extract from her author talk at Writers Victoria in November 2014, Australia’s ‘Queen of Fairy Tales’ Kate Forsyth reveals the origin of her own fascination with fairy tales and how she has re-spun many well-known tales.

Kate is the bestselling author of books for both adults and children. Kate’s books have sold more than a million copies internationally and have been published in 17 countries. She is an accredited master storyteller and was recently voted one of Australia’s Favourite 20 Novelists. Her adult books include ‘The Wild Girl’ and ‘Bitter Greens’ and ‘The Puzzle Ring’ and ‘The Gypsy Crown’ for children.

On this website, you’ll also find a shorter extract from Kate’s author talk and Kate’s interview with Ally Scale about her lifelong love of literature. Or check out her writing tip on the need to be bold.


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