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The Writers Victoria Fund

The Writers Victoria Fund aims to increase opportunities for writers who experience financial and social barriers to developing their writing skills and connecting with the writing and publishing community.

Donations to the Fund help provide free or heavily subsidised professional development opportunities for emerging writers throughout the state of Victoria experiencing difficulties arising from financial hardship.

The Fund was launched in June 2018 (under the name “Disadvantaged Writers Fund”), and has so far provided bursaries for workshop attendances, subsidised mentoring opportunities, and contributed towards proofreading.

How to contribute to the fund

There are several ways you can contribute to the Writers Victoria Fund:

  • Making a donation to the Writers Victoria Fund online.
  • Attending Writers Victoria’s State of the (Writing) Nation annual oration. All proceeds from the State of the (Writing) Nation go to support the Writers Victoria Fund. By paying to attend the annual event, you will be making a contribution to the Fund.
  • By making a tax deductible donation to the fund by calling us on (03) 9094 7855 and donating over the phone. Our office hours are Mon–Fri 10AM–4PM.

FAQs about The Fund

What costs does the Fund cover?

The Fund is designed primarily to cover fees so that writers can participate in professional development opportunities offered by Writers Victoria, such as workshops, mentorships, etc.. The Fund may also cover travel costs for regional writers, child-minding for parents and respite care for carers, but not living expenses.

How are the writers who get support from the Fund chosen?

A request must be put in writing to the CEO ([email protected]) accompanied with a max. 50-word statement about the benefit the opportunity would provide. Requests should outline the specific support being asked for.

Reasonable requests are considered by the CEO of Writers Victoria on a rolling basis. There are quarterly limits to the Fund, and to an individual’s allocation from the Fund, but all reasonable requests to the Fund will be considered until these limits are met.

Can I nominate myself to get support from the Fund?


Can I nominate a writer to get support from the Fund?

Yes. If you are a Writers Victoria member, established writer, tutor, publisher, or you work at an arts or community organisation and know of an emerging writer who could benefit from the Fund, contact us.

What information do I need to provide to apply to the Fund?

To apply for the Writers Victoria Fund for yourself or someone else, we simply require information of the opportunity you would like assistance accessing, and why the opportunity would be beneficial. You do not need to extensively detail your financial status or disadvantage. An example of a request to use the Fund for access to an opportunity is:

‘Dear Writers Victoria,

I would like to request assistance via the Writers Victoria Fund to attend your upcoming workshop, ‘Research to Text: How to use your research to build your story’. I am working on a novel that requires extensive research, and would benefit from learning about various research techniques and their application to my writing. Unfortunately I am currently unable to pay the cost of the workshop due to significant financial restraints.

Thank you for considering my application.


Who do I contact for more information about the Fund?

For further questions about the Fund, please call us on (03) 9094 7855, or email our CEO at [email protected].

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