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Plotters vs pantsers (video)

Do you know how your story will end before you put pen to paper? Or do you write it by the seat of your pants?

WV tutors Graeme Simsion and Paddy O’Reilly compared their different approaches in Writers Victoria’s inaugural Plotters vs Pantsers debate in October 2014.

Graeme is the author of ‘The Rosie Project’, which has become an international bestseller. He is a plotter. Paddy O’Reilly has published three novels and a short story collection. She is a pantser.

On this website, you can also find our interview with them about the Plotter vs Pantser divide.

Update: Paddy will be running a half-day workshop on Editing Your Draft at Writers Victoria as part of our Novel in a Year series in October 2015.


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