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Weathering the Storm Anthology

A collection of writing about challenge and hope

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Weathering the Storm Anthology: Contents

  1. A Storm is Coming by Beau Windon
  2. After the Storm by Tara Calaby 
  3. Failed Escapes: A Dream Diary by David Maney 
  4. Climate and Disability Activism: The Perfect Storm by Jessica Obersby 
  5. Winter Trees by Nicole Smith 
  6. Rose Among the Thorns by Maribel Steel 
  7. New Era by Nicole Brimmer 

An Introduction from Jessica Obersby, Writeability Program Manager

Since its humble beginnings in 2012, the Writeability program has grown and evolved. Many different events, from workshops to festival panels, have been produced under its umbrella. It has provided support to disabled, emerging writers through the Writeability Fellowships, and has brought many groups of disabled writers together. In 2021, Writeability commenced the first year of a two-year program called Storming the City.

Storming the City aims to break down barriers, supporting new and emerging metropolitan-based writers with disability. The program is designed to see disabled writers recognised and employed in the City of Melbourne, and is funded by the City of Melbourne via their Arts and Creative Investments Partnership program.

The pieces in this anthology were written by participants in the first year of the program, and are a celebration of the community that was built by disabled writers during a time of great uncertainty in the City of Melbourne, as well as across Victoria and Australia. Some of these writers have links to Writeability as previous Writeability Fellows; for others, it was their first connection with the program.

Regardless, all these pieces are created from a space where connectedness and interdependence allowed disabled writers to share their thoughts around community, disability, and dreams. I hope you find something within these pages that gives you hope when you are weathering a storm of your own.

– Jess

Please be aware that the writers contributing to the Weathering the Storm Anthology have freedom of expression and that some stories may contain coarse language or confronting themes around disability. 

This anthology is part of Storming the City, which was funded by the City of Melbourne Arts and Creative Investments Partnership program.  

Copyright belongs to the creators.

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