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Writers Victoria's Program Manager Kate Cuthbert gives a GoTo webinar – all about webinars!


Write-ability Project Officer Harriet Gaffney hosts this webinar containing all you need to know about applying for Writers Victoria's Write-ability Fellowships. Recorded 31 May 2018. Visit our Write-ability Fellowships page to keep up-to-date on when the program is open for submissions. 


A photo of Sarah Mayor Cox

In this webinar recorded in May 2018, Sarah Mayor Cox explores the relevance of mentor texts to your development as an early or emerging writer. 

Mentor texts are exemplars of some aspect, element or device of writing that you may be trying to wrangle in your own work. Using specific examples from a range of mentor texts, Sarah will show you how to learn from the best.

This webinar was recorded as part of the Write-ability Goes Regional and Online program.


A photo of Jessica Walton

Emerging writers are sometimes so busy 'emerging' they don’t know about the opportunities that can help kickstart projects and careers. When you do start looking at what’s out there, it can seem overwhelming or intimidating.

In this recording of a webinar in March 2018 as part of the Writeability Goes Regional and Online program, Jessica Walton outlines some of the opportunities available to Victorian writers, with a focus on emerging disabled writers. Jess explores grants, fellowships and competitions, including when to apply. 

A photo of Carly Findlay

There are many different pathways to publication. 

In this recording of a webinar held in November 2017 as part of the Write-ability Goes Regional and Online program, Carly Findlay discusses how emerging (and established) writers can get published, pitch their work, write the personal and political, cope with trolling, and connect with others in the writing community.

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers' covers where to begin, where to get feedback and where to get published.

Support and resources

Writers Victoria offers ongoing support to Indigenous writers throughout the year, including events and workshops in regional and rural areas, collaboration with regional festivals and author talks to raise cultural awareness in the writing community.

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Non-fiction' covers where to begin and find specific information and genealogy resources. 

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Playwrights' covers where you can get your play workshopped and performed, and where you can get your script assessed.  

Our fact sheet 'Resources for Poets' covers where to get published, competitions and poetry groups.