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The Victorian Writer: Body Language (June–August 2021)

The writers in this issue of The Victorian Writer have tackled the topic of ‘body language’ in a variety of its broad meanings. This edition contains the following:

  • The Vernacular of Flesh – Andy Jackson
  • The Act of Listening – Inga Liljestrom
  • Taking It To The Limit – Kirsten Krauth interviews Jenny Valentish
  • The Art of Confession – Jess Zanoni chats to Eloise Grills
  • The Body Keeps the Score – Scarlett Harris
  • Limiting Disability in Literature – Jessica White
  • ACTION! – Tim Ferguson
  • Wounding Time – Andy Jackson
  • january, sydney – Ruby Hillsmith
  • Body – Kat Phyn
  • A Body in Hiding – Fiona Murphy
  • Facial Fat Deposits Maketh the Man – Sam Elkin
  • Queens – Ellen van Neerven
  • Atlas Obscura – Louise Baxter
  • lexias of the body – Lesh Karan
  • The Nitpicker from Penny Johnson
  • The PEN Update from Paul Morgan
  • Information on workshops and courses running June-August 2021.
  • Member milestones from March-May 2021.

Our cover art this edition is Love Poem by Katherine Brickman aka Greedy Hen.

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