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Online Poetry Clinic: Workshop and Feedback Rounds

There are no rules in poetry, which means dialogue with other poets and discussion of your drafts is vital to developing your own sense of poetic form and style. In this course, you’ll learn to draft poems while forming a community with other poets working in a range of different ways, under the expert guidance of Elena Gomez. After a day-long workshop on drafting, you’ll submit poems and receive feedback each month.
  • Writers Victoria farewells CEO Lucy Hamilton

    Writers Victoria farewells CEO Lucy Hamilton

    Writers Victoria CEO Lucy Hamilton will step down from the organisation after three-and-a-half years.  “I’m proud of my time at Writers Victoria, and the work the team has delivered in that time,” said Lucy. “We’ve forged exciting new partnerships, attracted new funding streams, and continued to develop our programs in ways that best serve our participants.…

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