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  A seed, lovingly pressed into the earth. A child’s first experience with a deep and unconditional love. My most treasured possession. Fur fabric worn smooth over years of clutching. Dull black glass eyes and a crooked frown. Endless needlepoint scars from patchwork, healing rips and tears from being loved so hard. Neither children nor new parents are original

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Too many layers

Earlier this year, Tania Cañas, Arts Director at RISE Refugee in Melbourne, wrote an article ‘Diversity is a White Word’ that subsequently exploded on social media, igniting discussion across the arts and in literary journals (Koubaroulis, 2017; Aranjuez, 2017; Iyer, 2017). —– It was spring of 2016 and on the promise of safe spaces, diverse women

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Zana Fraillon on writing ‘The Ones That Disappeared’

Your much-loved and award-winning novel ‘The Bone Sparrow’ was about a child in a refugee camp. ‘No Stars To Wish On’ was based on institutionalised children of Australia’s Forgotten Generations. ‘The Ones That Disappeared’ is about three trafficked children searching for freedom and hope. When you get an idea for a book, what come first –

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