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I live in regional Victoria. What services are available to me?

Writers Victoria has a state-wide remit and is keen to make sure we support all of the state’s writers. With approximately 20% of our membership living in regional areas, we do this through:

  • Offering discounted memberships for regional writers.
  • Delivering a Regional Professional Development Program. Depending on funding, this can include regional writing retreats, subsidised author tours and our small grants program.
  • Working in collaboration with local writers groups and literary organisations to support their existing activities, find out what else would be useful in local areas, and help bring literary events to those communities that may not have existing festivals or other infrastructure.Having a Writers Vic team member speak at regional events, set up an info stall at local festivals or host a Regional Member Meet-Up.
  • A range of capacity-building activities (including information and guidance, promotion, helping regional groups get in touch authors, writing letters of support for funding applications or acting as an auspicing body).

Read more about our work with Regional Writers.

If you are interested in working with us in some way, we’d love to hear from you.

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