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Announced on Tuesday 1 September, the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards celebrate and support creative writing and publishing in Victoria and Australia.

Photo of Grace Marion Wilson

We are delighted to announce the winners of our inaugural Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition.

Winning entries will be published in a special insert to be included in May’s Victorian Writer.

Iowa City of Literature logo

Iowa City became the third UNESCO City of Literature.

It joined Edinburgh and Melbourne as the only UNESCO Cities of Literature, part of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) Creative Cities Network.

Congratulations to Melbourne writer and journalist, Helen Garner, whose latest novel, The Spare Room was awarded the Vance Palmer Prize for Fiction in the 2008 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards.

Melbourne City of Literature logo

Melbourne has joined Edinburgh as one of only two UNESCO Cities of Literature in the world.

UNESCO Cities of Literature work together to build strong global partnerships: encouraging literary exchanges, creating cross-cultural initiatives and developing local, national and international literary links. Each city is also dedicated to pursuing excellence in literature on a local level, engaging citizens in a dynamic culture of words.

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Congratulations to WV tutor AS Patric for winning the 2016 Miles Franklin Award for his novel 'Black Rock White City', announced last week at the opening of Melbourne Writers Festival.

The book is set in the 1990s and follows the life of a couple, a former poet and academic, who escape war-torn Yugoslavia and end up living in Melbourne as cleaners.

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A photo of Astrid Edwards

A search for stories of others diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) led Astrid Edwards to blog about her own experience. Ahead of the Own Voices: Why Writing Matters forum in Moe, Astrid spoke to Writers Victoria about her own work and that of others.

You began blogging at after being diagnosed in 2013. What role has writing about MS played for you?

Xia Cui shares her thoughts on the Chinese Writers Festival

Xia Cui has written for 'Peril' about her experiences at the recent Chinese Writers Festival.