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A Verb Found

The following was published in the March – May 2021 edition of The Victorian Writer: Wordsmith.

Alison J Barton is a Melbourne-based poet and non-fiction writer. She attended writing school in the 2000s but her best expression came from introspection and learning the relation of the internal to the external world. Themes of feminism and psychoanalysis are central to her work.

Alison has been (or is to be) published in ‘Otoliths’, ‘Westerly’, ‘Poethead’ (Ireland), ‘Under Bunjil’, ‘Blue Bottle Journal’, ‘Underground Writers’, ‘Perspektif’ and ‘The Night Heron Barks’ (US). Alison also works as a social worker. She can be found on Instagram @alison_j_barton


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