The Neilma Sidney Literary Travel Fund: Round 3 Recipients Announced

Monday, October 29, 2018
Writers Victoria and the Myer Foundation

Round 3 of the Neilma Sidney Literary Travel Fund received 112 applications, requesting a total of $591,306.34 in grant money.

This round's judges were Emily Booth from Text Publishing, Indra Kurzeme from State Library of Victoria and author Eli Glasman. They were thrilled with the quality of the overall applications and awarded $48,288 to 9 applicants.

Congratulations to:

  • Children's book illustrator and book designer Allison Colpoys, awarded for travel to attend the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy. Allison was granted $3330.
  • Writer Cassandra Pybus, awarded for a research trip to the UK to develop her creative non-fiction manuscript, 'Truganini: Journey through the Apocalypse'. The research involves examining Colonial Office Papers and Parliamentary Papers relating to Aboriginal issues in the colony of Van Diemen’s Land in the mid 1800s. Cassandra was granted $7500.
  • Translator Christine Sun, awarded for travel to Taiwan to develop a framework for, and feasibility study of, distributing Chinese-language editions of books by Australian authors in print and digital formats in Taiwan. Christine was awarded $6450.
  • Writer Eleanor Limprecht, awarded for a research trip to Teerk Roo Raa National Park (Peel Island) in Queensland with Friends of Peel Island to investigate the treatment of patients with leprosy (Hansen's Disease) in Australia in the early 1900s. Research will inform a historical fiction novel. Eleanor was granted $2040.
  • Writer Josephine Wilson, awarded for a research trip to China to develop her creative non-fiction manuscript, 'The Human World Bookshop’, a novel that dramatises a cross-cultural encounter, beginning with the adoption of a Chinese child, and leads to an exploration of the meaning of ‘one child’ to writers and artists in China and Australia. Josephine was granted $9382.
  • Writer Katherine Collette, awarded for a research trip to the Toastmasters international public speaking championship in Denver Colorado. The trip will inform her fiction manuscript 'Unscripted', a mockumentary-style novel that follows four characters competing to become the International Public Speaking Champion. Katherine was granted $6301.
  • Writer Lauren Chater, awarded for a research trip to The Netherlands to develop her novel 'The Winter Dress', which concerns a silk dress illegally retrieved by an amateur diving club from a wreck off the Dutch coast. The novel moves between present day Australia and 17th Century Europe. Lauren was granted $2470.
  • Writer and arts manager Sam Twyford-Moore, awarded for travel to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Nonfiction Now conference, which considers the relationship between photography, photography criticism and nonfiction practice. Sam was granted $3473.
  • Playwright Tom Holloway, awarded for travel to Switzerland, the UK and the US to develop, research and promote three of his plays. Tom was granted $7342.


Bon Voyage!

Round 4 of the Neilma Sidney Literary Travel Fund will open 1 - 29 March, 2019.

Thank you to The Myer Foundation for making this fund possible.