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Mornington: Peninsula Writer’s Club

Looking for a writing group offering support, company, connection, guidance and focus? Join the Peninsula Writers’ Club today. Write in company, plan for writing success, inspire and be inspired by others, keep connected.

The Peninsula Writers’ Club connects, encourages and enriches amateur, aspiring and professional writers (and readers) of all ages across Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula. 

Our mission is to actively promote and facilitate a vibrant literary voice, enhancing the skills of writers, and contributing to the creative culture and storytelling of the Mornington Peninsula.

We welcome all writers, from newcomers to the already-published, from novelists and bloggers to poets and journalists. We promote and encourage the unique voice of all writers of all abilities on the Mornington Peninsula, and the networking and skills development in a social and virtual setting.

Last updated: August 2023

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