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The Victorian Writer Aug Sep 19 Exchanges

The digital edition of The Victorian Writer: Aug-Sep 19 is now available for download.

Writing is all about connections – the connections that happen neurologically, those that happen on the page and those that happen on a social level. These connections allow for exchanges: of ideas, of wisdom, for that sense that you’re not alone in all of this.

In this issue, Laura Jean McKay and Jane Rawson correspond on the imperative and impossibility of writing animals in an age of extinction; Angela Savage explores the value of engaging and exchanging as a member of the writing community; and McKinley Valentine details how the humble newsletter is reclaiming and subverting the internet.

‘Don’t read the comments’, says conventional wisdom, but when it comes to fan-fiction, Jes Layton always does; and Eugen Bacon’s quest for community pushes her to locate affinity with the characters of her fiction. Also in this issue, we have new writing by Maya Linnel and
Dawn Nguyen.

Cover image:
‘Exterior Scene, ‘Ohayo/Good Morning’ (dir. Yasujiro Ozu, 1959)’
Bren Luke, 2018.

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