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Process this in your own time: anthology

A collection of writing from Writeability Goes Local: Darebin

The Darebin Pride Mural at Preston Library


  1. Creativity and Disability Pride by charli gayheart
  2. The Joys of EDS by Emma Grey
  3. Morning Observations: Recovery from Hurt by Sharon Berry
  4. I Love Being Disabled by Melanie Barbaro

An Introduction from Lyndel Caffrey, Acting Writeability Program Manager

This online anthology by writers from the Darebin Writeability group explores and contests old notions of ability and disability, responding with ferocious and cheerful pride about the way they work, live, love and thrive. The Darebin Writeability group Salon coincided with the launch of the Darebin Pride Mural at Preston Library, the work of Prue Stevenson.

As part of the launch, charli gayheart read their clear and passionate essay about the meaning of disability pride, and the way our pride in our identity intersects with our creativity. The work of Melanie Barbaro and Sharon Berry was also shared at the Salon. Melanie’s poem, “I Love Being Disabled”, is a joyful and cathartic slap in the face to those for whom  disability is something to be feared, recovered from, cured, or used as inspiration porn. Sharon Berry’s poem “Morning Observations” explores the deep understanding and insight regular practice of meditation can offer, and its role in healing, recovery and acceptance. And Emma Grey’s pithy poem, “The Joys of EDS”, offers a funny and ironic insight into the way people manage the fatigue, discomfort and access issues that come with conditions like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

Thanks to all the writers who took part in Writeability Goes Local, our local mentor Gemma Mahadeo, and all the librarians and council staff who supported the program, as well as a special shout out to Dr Tobi Evans, Darebin Community Development Officer (Access and Inclusion), a fantastic poet and active participant and support for this group. Tobi’s poem “A Love Letter to My Disabled Friends” will appear in a 2024 issue of The Victorian Writer.

Lyndel Caffrey
Writeability Program Manager

Please be aware that the writers contributing to the Process this in Your Own Time anthology have freedom of expression and that some stories may contain coarse language or confronting themes around disability. 

This anthology is part of the Writeability Goes Local program.

Copyright belongs to the creators.

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