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Poetry Prize Pack Books

Terry Jaensch ‘Shark’. A captivating anthology from Australian poet Terry Jaensch.

Debi Hamilton ‘Being alone’. A lovely and lonely collection exploring the feelings that come from living alone.

Lisa Gorton ‘Hotel Hyperion’. Set in a Hotel in the future, Gorton weaves together a poetry collection of intimate perspectives.

Jordie Albiston ‘The Book of Ethel’. From winner of the NSW Premier’s Prize, a fascinating anthology about the poet’s great grandmother.

Andy Kissane ‘Radiance’. Melbourne born poet Andy Kissane presents a book of poems that seem to shine from within.

Carol Jenkins ‘Xn’. A cosmic-like collection from Sydney poet Carol Jenkins where math and beauty combine.

Jennifer Maiden ‘Liquid Nitrogen’, winner of the Victorian Prize for Literature. From the winner of The Age Poetry Book of the Year.

Robert Gray ‘Cumulus’. A collection of poetry from Sydney poet Robert Gray, all he wishes to preserve from his old and new works.

Lisa Jacobson ‘The Sunlit Zone’. Winner of the 2014 Adelaide Festival John Bray Poetry Award from Melbourne poet, Lisa Jacobson.

Ouyang Yu ‘Self Translation’. Beautiful poems, presented in Chinese and translated into English from Melbourne poet Ouyang Yu.

Felicity Plunkett ‘Thirty Australian Poets’. The best works from thirty influential Australian Poets, edited by Felicity Plunkett.

John Kinsella ‘Jam Tree Gully: Poems’.  Winner of the 2013 Prime Ministers Literary Award for Poetry.

John Tranter ‘The Best Australian Poems 2011’. Including work from Felicity Plunkett and Ouyang Yu. Edited by Australian poet John Tranter.

Peter Porter ‘The Rest on the Flight’. An anthology from Australia’s best; Peter Porter, winner of the Queens Gold Medal for Poetry.

Ainslee Meredith ‘Pinetorch’. Debut from Melbourne Poet, Ainslee Meredith. Full of a mix of narrative driven poetry.

Luke Davies ‘four plots for magnets’. Originally published in 1982, a collection of published and unpublished poems.

Geoff Page ‘1953’. Geoff Page takes the reader into an afternoon in 1953 in a small Australian town.

Peter Bakowski ‘Personal Weather’. Award winning Melbourne poet Peter Bakowski reveals a vision of the world in which we live in.

Paul Hetherington ‘Six different windows’. Canberran poet Paul Hetherington presents an immaculate construction of his Australia.

M.T.C Cronin ‘in possession of loss’. From Australian poet M.T.C Cronin comes this contemporary work full of the complexity of life.

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