Floor plan and photos

The nine Glenfern writers' studios are located over two floors of the building.

Floor plan and studio dimensions

Glenfern floorplan

Studio photos

A photo of Studio 2 at Glenfern, with a long desk beneath a window with a laptop computer and chair

A photo of Studio 3 at Glenfern, with a long desk, lamp and single chair beneath a curtained window.

A photo of Studio 4 at Glenfern, with  with a long desk beneath a red-curtained window. The desk is covered in books, tea cups and writing research. The wall is covered in images.

A photo of Studio 5 at Glenfern, with a red chair and a long desk with a laptop, lamp, pin-up board and neat rows of books and files

A photo of Studio 7 at Glenfern, with two chairs at a long desk, with an easy chair and bookshelf behind them

Glenfern photos

Photo of the Glenfern meeting room, featuring a large communal table in front of bookcases

Photo of the Grand Room at Glenfern, featuring antique furniture, patterned carpets and sweeping curtains