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Let’s Talk About… Finance For Writers

Writers often spend hours learning about craft, only to find themselves adrift when it comes to finances. It’s necessary to develop business skills, or outsource assistance, in order to build a sustainable career. Sam Ryan, a finance professional with speciality in writing, and Brodie Lancaster, a writer with experience in both short- and long-form projects, regularly work together; in this session, they’ll offer advice from two different perspectives.


  • When: Tuesday 28 November 2023, 6:30pm-8pm
  • Where: Online
  • With: Brodie Lancaster and Sam Ryan

About the Tutor

A photo of Brodie Lancaster and Sam Ryan.

Brodie Lancaster is a critic and essayist from Melbourne. She has written about pop culture for publications including the New York Times, Vogue Australia, New York Magazine, the Guardian, Bon Appetit and the Saturday Paper. From 2013—17 she was the founding editor of the feminist film zine Filmme Fatales. She is the author of the memoir collection, No Way! Okay, Fine, and co-hosts the podcast See Also.  

Sam Ryan is the director and founder of S.A.Y.S.O. – Sorting All Your S** Out, and she does, indeed, sort a lot of it. Sam is an arts-based BAS Agent and bookkeeper. She has spent nearly three decades organizing other people’s lives and developing a keen appreciation for well-balanced finances. Sam really, REALLY, likes talking about money. Really. 

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