Story Bones Bootcamp

A portrait of Erina Reddan, a white woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is standing next to a bookshelf in front of a red wall

A portrait of Erina Reddan
17 July 2021 - 10:00 to 18 July 2021 - 4:00
Erina Reddan
The cardinal rule of this business is write a great story. Lots of people can write well, fewer can tell a ripping story that connects with people emotionally. It’s the writers who do both who change the world. This course sets you up to do that by you figuring out, in a fast paced interactive way, what are the bones of your story. We investigate what makes great “story” and then apply these key story principles to your idea, testing them to make sure your story works. We’ll develop a tight elevator pitch to prove it. Day one is all about the key elements from hero, event, and conflict and day two focuses on narrative structure and internal and external plots. In the end you’ll deeply understand what your aiming to achieve and your writing will be stronger, richer and the writing process smoother with less re-writing required. Story Bones Bootcamp gives you confidence that you’re on the right track and have something that sings as well as saves you time in the writing process.

You will learn:

  • How to build a solid foundation for your story – premise, characters, circumstances, setting, themes and how they interact
  • How to interrogate your idea so its rich, original and can engage, sustain and inspire your readers,
  • How to shape the  narrative arc of your story as  well as the individual story arc of each of your key characters
  • The value of internal, external and universal conflicts and how they interact.
  • The lines that your characters can’t cross (and then do).


About Erina Reddan

Erina’s had fiction and non-fiction published and her new literary crime novel, THE SERPENTS SKIN comes out in March 2021 followed by DEEP IN THE FOREST in 2022. She’s been a television producer, a commentator and a foreign correspondent, for which she ws awarded the prestigious Walkley Award. She has an MA in Writing (UTS) and has just submitted her PhD on girl warriors in YA fiction, at La Trobe University where she’s also taught writing. 

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