Business Writing: Writing A Hi-Fi Marketing Communications Brief

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Nicolas Di Tempora sitting

Nicolas Di Tempora; photo by Bonnie Moir
11 August 2017 - 9:30 to 11:30 AM
Nicolas Di Tempora
Writing clear, concise and compelling advertising and social media copy always begins with clear, precise and insightful thinking. And that all-important beginning is called 'the communication brief'. The more high-fidelity the brief, the higher are the chances for your message to get your target audience where they live. 

Hosted at the Small Business Festival Victoria, this presentation will be of great benefit to start-ups, existing businesses and social enterprises, whether you do the writing yourself or hire a copywriter.

The presentation will take you through the process of writing a communications brief (with case studies) and show you:

  • how to identify the problem and opportunity within a particular market/social context
  • how to profile your target audience from demographic to psychographic to the Ten Desires That Drive Us (according to social researcher and psychologist, Hugh Mackay)
  • how to clarify your key proposition into a 10-second elevator pitch
  • how to determine the intended response from your target audience.

You will also receive a Communication Brief template with benchmark briefs to help guide you going forward.

This workshop is part of our Business Writing program. It develops employment-related skills.

Writing A Hi-fi Marketing Communications Brief will be presented as part of the Small Business Festival Victoria 2017

About Nicolas Di Tempora

Nicolas Di Tempora is a professional copywriter, art director, editor and qualified educator. He is director of the Copywriting in Action Live-On-Line School and author of ‘Copywriting in Action’, acclaimed by Australia’s leading copywriters. His style of teaching is highly collaborative and methodical, embedding theory into practice to demonstrate the strategic and creative thinking processes involved in properly practised copywriting (for selling or telling).

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