Writers on Wednesdays: Feminist Writing

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Portrait of Karen Pickering

Karen Pickering
26 April 2017 - 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Karen Pickering
If you're a feminist and a writer, you're a feminist writer. Find out what this means in practice, and why it matters. Whether you work predominantly online or offline presents different challenges. Explore and weigh these up in a supportive environment.

Raising your voice as a feminist writer may be difficult at times but it's also powerful, important, and satisfying. Presented in association with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) for the Australian Heritage Festival.

You will learn

  • think about what constitutes feminist writing
  • decide if you want to produce it, edit it, publish it or read more of it
  • consider how a feminist sensibility fits in with your broader writing practice
  • critically examine representation of women authors and women’s writing
  • commit to a greater project of feminist writing in our community

About Karen Pickering

Karen Pickering is a feminist organiser and writer. She was the host of Cherchez la Femme, a monthly talkshow of popular culture and current affairs from an unapologetically feminist angle. She is the editor of ‘Doing It’, a collection of sex-positive writing by women, released in September 2016 by the University of Queensland Press, and is currently writing a book on menstruation and menopause in collaboration with the Victorian Women’s Trust.

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