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Verge Literary Journal 2024: Seeking submissions for ‘Click’ 

Date: Fri February 2 2024 12:07 pm to Fri March 8 2024 11:59 pm

With: Verge

The still moment captured by a camera’s shutter, the rapid fire of the mouse in a tight League of Legends match, or the protracted sound of a door closing with finality. Verge are looking for writing that clicks. Share your most extremely online poems, your stories about onomatopoeias and echolocation keeping you up at night, or simply all of your assembled fragments suddenly falling into place–you name it. 

Verge is looking for consonance and assonance that rattles like a chattering jaw, narratives that are composed of hyperlink rabbit-holing on Wikipedia, or any and all writing that ticks with explosive anticipation. Submissions of every class of bric-a-brac are welcome to this clique-y click (🖱️📸🦷).  


Welcoming submissions from all writers in Australia, Verge seek short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, experimental or hybrid works, and artworks.

You may submit up to three works in one document. Fiction and non-fiction should be no more than 3,000 words in length. There is no line limit for poetry. Please only submit previously unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions will be considered but please let Verge know if your work has been accepted elsewhere. 

A $200 prize is on offer for the best submission.

Submissions close 8 March, 11:59pm. 

Please send your submission to [email protected]. In your email, please include your name, contact details, and a brief author bio (no more than 50 words).

If you are a student at Monash University, please indicate in your email whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate. 

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