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Baby Teeth Journal: Blackout Poetry Competition

Date: Tue April 2 2024 2:56 pm to Mon May 6 2024 5:00 pm

This is a blackout poetry competition!

Here’s how it works; first you decide you want to enter.

To enter you’ll need to pay the $5 entry fee, once you’ve gone through the checkout you’ll get a download link for a PDF file. This file contains instructions on how to submit and more importantly the article which you, and everyone else, will turn into a brilliant blackout poem. Yes that’s correct you all get the same source article.

You can mess around with the article how ever you would like, but you CANNOT add more words. You may use arrows and other visual queues to change the order words are read in, you CANNOT use anagrams or completely change the order of the words in the source text.

Use the limitations of the medium to inspire you!

Winning piece gets $100 cash and publication in Baby Teeth Journal

Entries close 6 May, 11:59pm.

For more information, visit the Baby Teeth Journal website here.

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