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Show, Don't Tell



Nicole Hayes




So often we’re told to “show, don’t tell” in our writing, but what exactly does that mean, and is it always true? In this course, we will break down what is meant by “show, don’t tell”; what it looks like, how to apply it and when, including when not to. Nicole will draw on examples of when it works, when it doesn’t, and offer guided exercises and tips on how to apply “show don’t tell” to construct dynamic scenes that serve your story.

Nicole Hayes


You will learn

  • What is “show don’t tell”?
  • When does it work, and when doesn’t it?
  • How to apply this idea to write dynamic scenes
  • Tips on language choice and specificity
  • Bringing it all together to serve your story.

About Nicole Hayes

Nicole Hayes is an award winning author of YA fiction, a freelance writer/editor, and podcaster. Her novels have been shortlisted in the NSW Premier’s Award, WA Premier’s Award, and the YABBAs. 'A Shadow’s Breath' and 'One True Thing' are CBCA Notable books - the latter winning the Children’s Peace Literature Award. She’s a Stella Prize Ambassador who teaches writing to adults and young people, and is one-sixth of award winning ABC podcast/radio show, The Outer Sanctum.

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Registration for this event ended on 16 January 2019 - 4:00
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