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Lunchtime Bite: Writing Long Poems



Danny Silva Soberano




It can be hard to sustain the care required for a poem across many pages or sections but the results can be magnificent. In this short session on long poems, we’ll consider why we might choose to write an extended poem instead of an essay or story, how to pace ideas and ways to bring something substantial to a satisfying conclusion, critically analysing the work of poets who excel in this form.
A photo of Danny Silva Soberano.


This seminar will take place online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided.

You Will Learn:

  • What a long poem is
  • Why write a long poem instead of other similar genres
  • How to critically analyse a long poem for inspiration
  • How to sustain an idea across a long poem
  • How to end a long poem

About the Tutor:

Danny Silva Soberano is a poet. They are also the Program Admin Officer: Community at Writers Victoria.

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Registration for this event ended on 15 February 2023 - 4:00
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