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Date: Fri June 2 2023 2:20 pm to Sun June 25 2023 2:20 pm

Following on the success of our previous One Act Play Seasons, Peridot Theatre welcomes submissions for their final season for 2023. Peridot Theatre is calling for original One Act Plays to be performed in November 2023 at the Clayton Community Centre. 

Peridot Theatre is proud to support and encourage new works, so if you have an idea for a short play that you would like to develop for performance, please submit your script! Peridot Theatre will support your play by providing rehearsal space and an opportunity to have your work performed publicly during the week of our One Act Play season. They welcome submissions that already have a director or cast attached. However, if required, we can also help find directors and actors to work on your play. 

Peridot Theatre are seeking to be as inclusive as possible and therefore will interpret the theme broadly. They are looking for works that explore, in some way:
– migration, refugee and/or settlement stories, or/and
– make use of languages other than English.

Lodge your submission and script by emailing [email protected] by 25 June 2023. No more than 30 scripts will be accepted. 
Performance Dates: 9-11 November (4 shows)
Performance Location: Clayton Community Centre (9 – 15 Cooke Street, Clayton, 3168)
Rehearsal Period: August to October 2023
Rehearsal Location: Fleigner Hall (31 Highland Ave, Oakleigh East, 3166)
Please read the submission guidelines below.

1. Eligibility: Plays must be original work. We are looking for plays that are new, inventive, fresh, and not an adaptation of work by another author.
2. Theme: Migration, Refugee, Settlement stories or plays that make use of languages other than English
3. Length: Running for between 5 minutes to no more than approximately 20-30 minutes. Exceptions may be made for works deemed exceptionally creative or original.
4. Structure: Although not a requirement, preferential consideration will be given to plays with basic setting – for example: in one scene and/or a single setting. 
5. Genre: Can be comedy, drama, mystery, thriller or monologue.
6. Cast: No more than five on-stage actors. More characters are allowed if actors double, or you use projection/voice-over. A list of characters with a brief physical description of each must be included with your script.
7. Technical Limitation: In order to facilitate set changes between plays, settings should be simple, suitable for small stage or black box theatre, requiring very minimal set or furniture and limited technical effects. You will only have 3 to 5 minutes to set up the stage between performances.
8. Format: PDF or Microsoft Word, prepared using standard formatting for a stage play. Any text in a language other than English must be followed by the English translation or the English translation provided as a footnote on the same page. 
9. Anonymity: The author’s name must not appear on any of the pages, allowing the script to be initially evaluated anonymously. Pages should be numbered.
10. Submission Limit: One play per playwright.
11. Submission Method: Please email your script, with a separate one-page submission sheet that includes:
a. playwright(s) name(s)
b. a brief introduction about the playwright(s) 
c. a brief synopsis of the play
d. explanatory notes about the background of the play and how it relates to our theme
e. any staging/casting ideas we should consider
f. if you have a director and cast already attached to the project or if you would like us to find a director/cast
12. Deadline: Please email the one-page submission & script to [email protected] by 25 June 2023. No more than 30 scripts will be accepted. With our receipt of the thirtieth script, no further entries will be considered.
13. Selection Process: The play selection process begins with evaluation by our team of readers, who will independently score each play according to their assessment of how the play reflects the theme of Migration, Refugee, Settlement stories or makes use of languages other than English in storytelling, character, dialogue, theatricality and their own emotional response. The second stage may involve a short online discussion with the playwright about their work and vision for the play. The plays chosen will be announced by the end of June 2023. 
14. Rehearsal and Performance: Plays selected will be rehearsed at Fleigner Hall (from August to October 2023) and performed at Clayton Community Centre.

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