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Australian Poetry Journal 13.2: ‘desire’

With: Australian Poetry

Submissions are open for Australian Poetry Journal 13.2 under the theme ‘desire’, guest edited by Ellen van Neerven.

APJ 13.2 seeks work that engages with different types of desire, including but not limited to: the desire to connect, to look after Country, the desire for a future and for justice, freedom and health. Through this gathering of poems let’s fiercely examine ideas of attachment, allure, desirability, and yearning. What does it mean for desire to be shed, hidden or revealed?  Send us your pop manifestations, care activations, romantic texts and critiques of class and gendered structures. APJ 13.2 is searching for work that queers or otherwise disrupts form and considers desire in a way that gives power to bodies often forgotten in mainstream discourse. –Ellen van Neerven

Submissions close 19 May 2024, 11:59PM [AEST].

For more information about how to submit, visit the Australian Poetry website here.

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