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Inaugural Emerging Writers Competition winners

Grace Marion Wilson

We are delighted to announce the winners of our inaugural Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition.

Literary Non-fiction winners

  • First prize: HL Singer for “Life: An Exercise in Words”
  • Second prize: Zhiling Howlitt for “Mao’s Great Mangifera Parade”

Other shortlisted entries:

  • Joan Kerr for “The House We Live In”
  • Graham Reeks for “Beneath Balaclava”
  • Judy McGrath for “It’s a Lovely Day”.

Short Story winners

  • First prize: Rhys Tate for “Smallholdings”
  • Second prize: Ross Topham for “Like Mary and Child”

Other shortlisted entries:

  • John Bartlett for “Dulce Et Decorum Est”
  • Karen Parker for “Wusthof”
  • Joan Kerr for “A Life”.

Winning entries will be published in a special insert to be included in May’s Victorian Writer.

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