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2018 GMW Glenfern Fellows Announced

Since 2007, Writers Victoria has offered writers the use of a Glenfern writers’ studio for a period of three months, thanks to the support of the Readings Foundation (from 2007 to 2014) and the Grace Marion Wilson Trust (since 2009).

The Fellowships give authors the time and space to write, as well as the opportunity to be involved in a vibrant community of writers in the historic surroundings of the Glenfern mansion in St Kilda East.

The Glenfern Fellowships have created a significant legacy for Melbourne’s literary scene and created a long and prestigious list of Glenfern alumni.

This year’s applications were judged by Jessica Yu and Nada Kirkwood. It was noted that “this year’s applications covered an impressively diverse range of proposed writing projects and genres, ranging from poetry to personal essays to dystopian long-form fiction.” “Particularly impressive was the use of imagery and stylish writing voices used in many of the entries.”

Writers Victoria welcomes the 2018 Glenfern Fellows:

  • Anna Sublet who “will be writing about grief and relationships, drawing on her complex family history.” Her work is “well thought out, meditative and intriguing. The idea of mixing research … with more personal discussions on the emotional effects of long-term illness on her family and her father will make for a tender and enlightening book.”
  • Melissa Manning who “is writing a collection of stories that illuminate the magnified impacts of single events on our lives. Set in Australia and Hungary, the stories are shaped by the unexpected moments that challenge our ideas of what our lives might be.” “By drawing elliptical characters, Manning’s fiction intrigues, draws in the reader and respects the mysteries of relationships and knowing others.”
  • Nicole Howard who “will use her time at Glenfern to work on her contemporary fiction novel-length manuscript, exploring the anxieties of parenting and domesticity, the corrosive influence of social media and the complexities of gender and identity politics.” “Her excerpt showed a strong character work and close attention to the cadences of everyday speech”

May they have a creative and productive residency.

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