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Glenfern Fellowships

A writer’s most precious gift is a room of their own, a dedicated and secluded space in which to write.

Since 2007, Writers Victoria has offered writers the use of a Glenfern writers’ studio for a period of three months, thanks to the support of the Grace Marion Wilson Trust (since 2009) and the Readings Foundation (from 2007 to 2014).

The Fellowships give authors the time and space to write, as well as the opportunity to be involved in a vibrant community of writers in the historic surroundings of the Glenfern mansion in East St Kilda.

2022 Glenfern Fellows

Writers Victoria are thrilled to welcome our 2022 Glenfern Fellows:

  • Sarah Berry, who will be working on a currently untitled middle-grade fiction steampunk murder mystery novel.
  • Benjamin Hickey, who will be working on a short story collection, Common Ruin, which is ‘a collection of interconnected literary short stories that looks at human struggles with obsession, loneliness and morality in an absurd and burning world.’
  • Mesh Tennakoon, who will be working on a short story collection with the working title, Misplaced, which ‘[examines] the convergence of trauma, shame and brief moments of time in magical realist stories about people of colour.’

These fellows will be undertaking their fellowships during one of two available intake periods: 1 October – 31 December 2022, or 1 January – 31 March 2023.

Past Glenfern Fellows

The Glenfern Fellowships have created a significant legacy for Melbourne’s literary scene and created a long and prestigious list of Glenfern alumni.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Glenfern writers’ studios were closed during 2020 and 2021, and as such we were unable to award Fellowships during these times.


  • Anna Kate Blair
  • Mykaela Saunders
  • Xanthea O’Connor


  • Anna Sublet
  • Melissa Manning
  • Nicole Howard


  • Susan Paterson
  • Andy Butler
  • Marta Skrbacz


  • Bram Presser
  • Cassandra White
  • Erin Richie
  • Nerissa Marcon


  • Audrey El-Osta
  • Jacquie Byron
  • Jessica Yu


  • Jennifer Down
  • Lee Kofman
  • Christian Ryan
  • Allison Browning
  • Matilda-Dixon-Smith
  • Shivaun Plozza


  • Jacinta Halloran
  • Leah Kaminsky
  • Christine Keighery
  • Janine Mikosza
  • Lyndel Caffrey
  • Emily Stewart


  • Ramona Koval
  • David Sornig
  • Libby Hart
  • Ilka Tampke
  • Joëlle Gergis
  • Emma Schwarcz


  • Matthia Dempsey
  • Michael Swift
  • Glenys Osborne
  • Kalinda Ashton
  • Maria Tumarkin
  • Jane Sullivan


  • Azhar Abidi
  • Kim Kane
  • Sian Prior
  • Tee O’Neill
  • Angela Meyer
  • Jacinta Halloran
  • Leah Kaminsky


  • Fiona Wood
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Christine James
  • Hoa Pham
  • Demet Divaroren


  • Jason Cotter


  • Sean Dooley
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