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Alice Pung

A photograph of Alice Pung

Writing Memoir (Glen Eira Storytelling Festival)

Alice Pung is a Melbourne writer, journalist and essayist, whose award winning books include 'Unpolished Gem', 'Her Father's Daughter' and 'Laurinda'. She is also the editor of 'Growing Up Asian in Australia' and 'My First Lesson', and the author of the 'Meet Marly' books in the 'Our Australian Girl' series.

Alison Goodman

A photograph of Alison Goodman

Building Your Novel’s Spine – Classic Narrative Structure

Alison Goodman is the author of six novels including her most recent, ‘Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact’, the second in the Lady Helen trilogy. She is also the author of ‘EON’ and ‘EONA’, a New York Times bestselling fantasy duology that has sold into 18 countries. Alison’s other novels are the award-winning ‘Singing the Dogstar Blues’, and her crime novel, ‘A New Kind of Death’. www.darkdaysclub.com

Alison Stuart

A photograph of Alison Stuart

Scrivener for Beginners

Alison Stuart is the published author of seven full length historical novels (with romance) and a collection of short stories.  Many of her stories have been shortlisted for international awards and ‘By the Sword’ won the 2008 EPIC Award for Best Historical Romance.  She is a past president of Romance Writers of Australia.

Amanda Apthorpe

A portrait of Amanda Apthorpe

Online: Time Management for Writers

Amanda Apthorpe is a published author and teacher of creative writing and holds an MA and PhD in creative writing from The University of Melbourne. She has presented at writing conferences in Wellington (2014) and London (2015, 2016) and her paper on time management and finding voice was published in 2015. Amanda’s novel 'Whispers in the Wiring' was published in 2011 and her second novel, 'A Single Breath', was published in...

Andy and Jill Griffiths

A distorted photo of Andy Griffiths

A Night With Andy and Jill Griffiths

Over the last twenty years Andy and Jill Griffiths have evolved a unique writing and editing partnership. Jill was working for a children’s publisher in 1996 when she was assigned to edit Andy’s first book, 'Just Tricking!' They have been living and working together ever since and, in conjunction with long-time illustrator Terry Denton, have collaborated on more than thirty books.

Andy Jackson

A photograph of Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson is a poet who has featured at literary events in Australia, India, the USA and Ireland. He was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Prize for Poetry for ‘Among the Regulars’ (Papertiger 2010), and won the 2013 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize for ‘The Thin Bridge’. His latest collection, ‘Music Our Bodies Can’t Hold’ (Hunter Publishers 2017), consists of portrait poems of other people with Marfan Syndrome. Andy is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide.

Andy will present Myths, Realities and Elephants to the Ballarat Write-ability Writers Group in September.

Arnold Zable

A photograph of Arnold Zable

The Art of Story

Writing and Advocacy

Finding Your Story (Memoir in a Year)

Writing Social Justice (Apollo Bay)

Arnold Zable is an acclaimed Australian writer, novelist, and human rights advocate. His books include 'Jewels and Ashes', '...

Bella Li

a photograph of Bella Li

Ekphrasis: The art of writing from art (Anglesea)

Bella Li is the author of Maps, Cargo (Vagabond Press, 2013), shortlisted for the Wesley Michel Wright Prize, and Argosy (Vagabond Press, 2017)—a book of poetry, photography and collage. She is a co-editor and co-curator at Five Islands Press, Photodust, and The Slow Canoe Live Journal and Press, and a recent guest editor of Cordite (Issue 55). Her work has been published in journals and anthologies including Meanjin and The Kenyon Review.


Ben Eltham

A photograph of Ben Eltham

Writers on Wednesdays: State of the Sector

Ben Eltham is an author, essayist and journalist. He writes regularly about Australian politics and culture for publications including ‘New Matilda’, ‘Guardian Australia’, ‘Crikey’, ‘Overland’, and ‘Sydney Review of Books’. He is a Lecturer in the School of Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University. Ben's book on Australian culture in the George Brandis years, ‘When the Goal Posts Move’, was published in 2015. 

Candy Bowers

A portrait of Candy Bowers

The Salon Does Season 2

Winter School: Writing for Performance

Candy is a writer, actor, poet, playwright and producer. The Co-artistic director of Black Honey Company, Candy makes fearless, sticky work that delves in to the heart of radical feminist dreaming. Her credits include Hot Brown Honey, Sista She, Australian Booty and MC Platypus and Queen Koala’s Hip Hop Jamboree. 

Carrie Tiffany

A photograph of Carrie Tiffany

Winter School: Finding Your Voice

Carrie Tiffany was born in West Yorkshire and grew up in Western Australia. She spent her early twenties working as a park ranger in Central Australia and now lives in Melbourne and New Zealand where she works as a writer and agricultural journalist. Carrie has published two award-winning novels; Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living and Mateship with Birds.

Cate Kennedy

A portrait of Cate Kennedy

Winter School: Writing Place

Cate Kennedy writes fiction, poetry and non-fiction. She has won numerous awards for her work and her short stories are currently studied on the VCE Literature syllabus. She currently teaches on the Fiction faculty in the MFA program at Pacific University, Oregon, but luckily it’s low-residency, which means she gets to still live in Australia and give the occasional one-day workshop.

Donna Ward

A photograph of Donna Ward

Writers on Wednesdays: Making a Book

Donna Ward is the founding managing editor of ‘indigo’, the journal of Western Australian creative writing, previous editor of ‘Sotto Magazine’, and publisher at ‘Inkerman & Blunt’. She has past lives as a psychotherapist and in community and welfare management. She is author of many research reports and her prose has been published in ‘Southerly’, ‘Island Magazine’, ‘Ext2012’ and ‘Fish Anthology’ (Ireland).

Eli Glasman

A photograph of Eli Glasman

Winter School: How to Write Your Perfect YA Novel


Eli Glasman is a Melbourne-based author. His debut novel, 'The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew' (Sleepers Publishing), concerns a homosexual boy in the Melbourne orthodox Jewish community. His short fiction has appeared in 'Voiceworks' and 'Sleepers Almanac' and in 2013 he was placed second in the Josephine...

Eliza Henry-Jones

A photograph of Eliza Henry Jones

Winter School: Writing Grief and Trauma

Eliza Henry-Jones is a Melbourne based writer. Her debut novel ‘In the Quiet’ was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction and longlisted for the ABIA and Indie Book Awards. She has qualifications in grief, loss and trauma counselling and psychology and has completed a thesis exploring bushfire trauma.

George Ivanoff

A portrait of George Ivanoff

Summer School: Writing for the Education Market

George Ivanoff is a Melbourne children’s author with more than 100 titles under his belt. Although best known for his ‘You Choose’ series and ‘RFDS Adventures’, he has written intensively for the education market. He’s won a few awards, including a YABBA, and has books on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge booklists.

Greg Foyster

A photograph of Greg Foyster

Winter School: A Crash Course in Freelance Journalism

Greg Foyster is an experienced freelance journalist specialising in environmental issues. His work has appeared in ‘The Age’, ‘The Big Issue’, ‘Crikey’, ‘ABC’ and ‘Smith Journal’. He is the author of the travel memoir ‘Changing Gears’, and has been featured in ‘The Age’ Top 100 list of inspiring and influential Melburnians. He is also a regular political cartoonist for ‘Meanjin’ and ‘Eureka Street’.

Hazel Edwards

A photograph of Hazel Edwards

Writing a Non-Boring Family History (Sale)

Winter School: Authorpreneurship - The Business of Creativity

Hazel Edwards is best known for ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake’ which toured as a musical in 2016. Hazel has also written junior histories and her memoir, ‘Not Just a Piece of Cake; Being an Author’ shares the workstyle behind her over 200 books. The co-written ‘Hijabi Girl...

Jane Harrison

a photograph of Jane Harrison

Indigenous Character Intensive

Jane Harrison (Muruwari) is an award-winning playwright and writer. Her play ‘Stolen’ has been performed throughout Australia and in the UK, Hong Kong and Tokyo. ‘Rainbow’s End’ has also had a Tokyo production and toured across Australia in 2011, winning the Drover’s Award for Tour of the Year. ‘The Visitors’ was part of the MTC Cybec Electric series and the Melbourne Indigenous Festival in February 2014. 

Jax Jacki Brown

A photograph of Jax Jacki Brown

Own Voices Forum: why Writing Matters (Bendigo)

Jax Jacki Brown is a disability & LGBTI consultant, writer, spoken-word performer, public speaker, disability sexuality educator and workshop designer and facilitator. She is a graduate of Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies and Communication, where she focused on disability and LGBTI studies, providing a sound academic framework to affirm and explore her commitment to disability and social justice issues.  

Jessica Walton

A photo of Jessica Walton

Write-ability - Our bodies, our stories webinar

Jessica Walton is a picture book author, teacher, daughter of a trans parent, and proud queer disabled woman. 'Introducing Teddy' (2016) is her first book, illustrated by the very talented Dougal MacPherson. Jess wrote it to help explain gender identity in a simple, positive way to her young son, after one of her parents came out as transgender. Jess lives in Melbourne with her wife, her two kids, and Archie the cat.

Jo Case

A photograph of Jo Case

Memoir in a Year: Themes

Jo Case is the author of 'Boomer and Me: A memoir of motherhood and Asperger’s', which was shortlisted for the Russell Prize for Humour Writing in 2015. Her personal essays have been published in the anthologies 'Rebellious Daughters' (2016) and 'Mothermorphosis' (2015) and in The Age, and her fiction has been published in Best Australian Stories and The Big Issue. She has been associate editor of Kill Your Darlings and senior writer/editor at the Wheeler Centre.

Josiane Behmoiras

headshot of Josiane Behmoiras

The House in Memoir

Josiane Behmoiras is the author of ‘Dora B: A Memoir of My Mother’ published in Australia and overseas and shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Award. She has been teaching writing for a decade, and earned a creative writing PhD at the University of Melbourne. Josiane has particular interest in personal upheaval narratives, family history, travel writing, personal essays and dystopian fiction.

Justin Heazlewood

A photograph of Justin Heazlewood

Writers on Wednesdays: Funemployed - Living with Yourself as a Writer

Justin Heazlewood is an award-winning writer, musician, performer and arts activist. As The Bedroom Philosopher he has released three albums including the ARIA-nominated ‘Songs From The 86 Tram’, the video for ‘Northcote (So Hungover)’ earning nearly half a million hits. In 2014 he released his first non-fiction book ‘Funemployed’, about being an artist in Australia....

Karen Andrews

a photograph of Karen Andrews

Winter School: Creativity 101

Write-ability: Finding The Form

Blogging: The First Steps (Shepparton)

Karen Andrews is an award-winning writer, author, editor, poet and publisher. Her work has appeared in journals and publications throughout Australia. She has blogged at www....

Kate J Armstrong

 photograph of Kate J Armstrong

Writers on Wednesdays: Travel Writing

Kate J. Armstrong writes and edits books about travel, nature, and adventures of all kinds. She’s helped adventurers tell their stories in books like National Geographic’s 'Everest: Mountain Without Mercy'; edited travel beauties like National Geographic’s 'The World’s Most Beautiful Places'; and written about exploring nature in titles like 'Greatest Parks of the World'. Originally from Washington D.C., she travels (and writes about it) as much as she can...

Kate Cuthbert

A photograph of Kate Cuthbert

Winter School: Lessons from Commercial Fiction

Kate Cuthbert is Managing Editor of Escape Publishing. She is also an award-winning book reviewer and critic, and regularly presents and teaches workshops at writers’ festivals and conferences around Australia. 

Laura Jean McKay

A photograph of Laura Jean McKay

Online: Beginners Short Story Clinic

Laura Jean McKay is the author of ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ (2013), shortlisted for three national book awards in Australia, including the Asher Award in 2015. Her work has appeared in ‘The Best Australian Stories’, 'Award-Winning Australian Writing' and 'The North American Review' and she won the Alan Marshall Short Story Award in 2011. Laura is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne.

Laurie Steed

A portrait of Laurie Steed

Online: Advanced Short Story Clinic

Laurie Steed is an author of award-winning literary fiction from Perth. His stories have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and published in ‘Best Australian Stories’, ‘The Age’, ‘Meanjin’, ‘Westerly’, ‘Island’, ‘The Sleepers Almanac’ and elsewhere. He won the 2012 Patricia Hackett Prize for Fiction and is the recipient of fellowships and residencies from The University of Iowa, The Sozopol Fiction Seminars and Varuna.

Lee Kofman

A portrait of Lee Kofman

Memoir in a Year: Voice and Narration

Lee Kofman is an author of four books, including her memoir about non-monogamy, ‘The Dangerous Bride’. Her work has been widely published in Australia, the UK, Scotland, Israel, Canada and the US, including in ‘Best Australian Stories’, ‘Best Australian Essays’ and ‘Meanjin’. Lee has been mentoring writers for more than 10 years. Her personal blog was a finalist for Best Australian Blogs 2014.

Lili Wilkinson

A photograph of Lili Wilkinson

Writing YA

Lili Wilkinson is the author of 10 books, including ‘Scatterheart’ and ‘Green Valentine’. She established insideadog.com.au and the Inky Awards at the Centre for Youth Literature. Wilkinson has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Melbourne. Her latest novel is ‘The Boundless Sublime’.

Lorna Hendry

Photo of Lorna Hendry

Memoir in a Year: Research and Interviews

Lorna Hendry is the author of 'Wrong Way Round', a travel memoir about a three-year family camping trip around Australia. She is an editor, writer and graphic designer and has written and designed 15 non-fiction children’s books. 'The Gigantic Book of Genes' is shortlisted for the 2017 CBCA Eve Pownall Award for Information Book of the Year. Lorna teaches in RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing program and is researching a new book for older children.

Luke Ryan

A portrait of Luke Ryan

Memoir in a Year: Character and Dialogue

Luke Ryan is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and comedian. He is the editor of the Best Australian Comedy Writing series and author of ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo’, a comedy memoir about having had cancer a couple of times. His work has appeared in numerous publications including ‘Best Australian Essays’, the ‘Guardian’, ‘Quartz’, ‘Smith Journal' and many more.

Marie Alafaci

a photograph of Marie Alafaci

Memoir in a Year: Synopsis and Pitch

Marie Alafaci has two decades’ experience as an author, writing teacher and manuscript assessor. She writes for children and adults across both fiction and non-fiction, and has had work on ‘The Age’ bestseller list as well as being short listed for a number of awards. Marie has been a book reviewer, competition judge and feature writer, and loves a good pitch.


Marina Hurley

a photograph of Marina Hurley

Winter School: Science Writing

Dr Marina Hurley helps improve the writing and thinking skills of people from both science and non-science backgrounds and with different types of writing experience. Marina has an exceptionally clear understanding of the writing process and has developed a highly-effective, non-academic approach to the teaching of scientific writing. Prior to 2005, Marina worked as an ecological scientist and lecturer.

Meelee Soorkia

A photograph of Meelee Soorkia

Winter School: Writing and Structuring Memoir

Meelee Soorkia has been working as a writer and editor for more than a decade. She is Senior Development Editor at Hardie Grant Books, where she specialises in narrative non-fiction and memoir. She has worked on several bestselling and award-winning titles, including ‘The Undesirables’ by Mark Isaacs, ‘The Long Goodbye’ by PJ Parker and ‘Good Muslim Boy’ by Osamah Sami.

Michael Green

a photograph of Michael Green

Winter School: Other People’s Lives – Storytelling and Ethics

Michael Green is an award winning journalist in Melbourne, and the co-editor of the book, 'They Cannot Take the Sky: Stories from Detention'. He is one of the producers of The Messenger podcast, about Abdul Aziz Muhamat and his life in immigration detention on Manus Island. As a feature writer, Michael has covered environmental and social issues for The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Nature, Nautilus, Smith Journal, Right Now and Overland.

Michael Pryor

A portrait of Michael Pryor

Winter School: Writing Science Fiction

Michael Pryor writes fantasy and science fiction, mostly for teenagers. He has published more than thirty novels and 50 something short stories. He is one of the co-publishers of Aurealis, Australia’s longest running Fantasy and SF magazine. He has been shortlisted for the Aurealis Award seven times, and seven of his books have been CBCA Notable books.

Olga Lorenzo

A photograph of Olga Lorenzo

The First Draft

Olga Lorenzo is the author of ‘The Light on the Water’ and ‘The Rooms in My Mother's House’, which was shortlisted for the Vogel Prize and the NSW Premier's Prize. She has won the Felix Meyer Scholarship and the Percival Serle Bequest at the University of Melbourne. Olga has taught writing at RMIT University for 20 years. She was previously a journalist and sub-editor for the Age newspaper.


Omar Musa

a photograph of Omar Musa

Writers on Wednesdays: Poetry and Power

Performance Poetry

Omar Musa is a Malaysian-Australian author, rapper and poet from Queanbeyan, Australia. His debut novel 'Here Come the Dogs' was long-listed for the International Dublin Literary Award and the Miles Franklin Award. He was named one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s Young Novelists of the Year in 2015.

Phillipa (PD) Martin

A photograph of Phillipa (PD) Martin

Online: Digital Novel Intensive

Phillipa (PD) Martin is the author of five crime fiction novels published in 13 countries. Her Sophie Anderson series — ‘Body Count’, ‘The Murderers’ Club’, ‘Fan Mail’, ‘The Killing Hands’ and ‘Kiss of Death’ — met with international acclaim. In 2011 she moved into ebooks, releasing ‘Coming Home’, ‘Hell’s Fury’ and two novels for younger readers. She’s currently working on a drama with a mystery twist and studying for...

Quinn Eades

a photograph of Quinn Eades

The Body, Writing

Dr Quinn Eades is a researcher, writer, and award-winning poet whose work lies at the nexus of feminist, queer and trans theories of the body, autobiography, and philosophy. He is published nationally and internationally, and is the author of all the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body, published by Tantanoola, and Rallying, published by UWAP. Eades is a Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies at La Trobe University, and is currently working on a collection...

Roselina Press

a photograph of Roselina Press

Writers on Wednesdays: Storytelling for Social Change

Roselina Press is the editor-in-chief of Right Now, an Australian human rights media organisation. She is a writer, editor and communications specialist, and currently works at Oxfam Australia. She has a Master of International Relations and has written for Reuters, The Guardian and the United Nations Department of Public Information.

Sally Rippin

a photograph of Sally Rippin

Writing for Children

Sally Rippin has over sixty books published, many of them award-winning, including the best-selling 'Billie B Brown' series, which has sold more than three million copies since first published. In 2017, Sally will launch the first book in a new series called 'Polly and Buster - The Wayward Witch and The Feelings Monster' and a new imprint with Bonnier Publishing called Sally Rippin Presents.

Sam Cooney

a photograph of Sam Cooney

Writers on Wednesdays: Getting Published in Literary Journals

Sam Cooney runs the not-for-profit publishing organisation The Lifted Brow, which produces a quarterly literary magazine (also titled The Lifted Brow), publishes books, posts commentary and criticism online every week, stages events, awards writing prizes, and more. He is publisher-inresidence at RMIT University, teaches sessionally at RMIT and University of Melbourne, is a freelance writer and book reviewer. 

Sarah Vincent

a photograph of Sarah Vincent

Memoir in a Year: Showing, Not Telling

Sarah Vincent has an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT University. Her memoir ‘Death by Dim Sim’ was published by Penguin Random House in February 2017. She has appeared on panels at the Emerging Writers Festival and The Williamstown Lit Fest.

Shivaun Plozza

A portrait of Shivaun Plozza

Writing YA (Bendigo)

Write-ability: What about YA?

Summer School: The Art of Criticism - Giving and Receiving Feedback

Shivaun Plozza is the author of 'Frankie', a darkly funny novel about a troubled teen willing to defy her friends, family and the law to find her missing brother. Her second novel, 'Tin Heart', is due for...

Sian Prior

A photograph of Sian Prior

Memoir in a Year: Memory vs Imagination

Dr Sian Prior  has been a writer and broadcaster for 25 years. She has presented programs on four different ABC networks, and her writing has been published in many newspapers, magazines and literary journals. Sian also teaches non fiction at RMIT in the Professional Writing and Editing associate degree and in short courses. Her book ‘Shy: a memoir’ was published by Text Publishing in 2014 and in 2015 she completed a PhD.

Sofie Laguna

A photograph of Sofie Laguna

The Garret Series: Creating Compelling Characters

Sofie Laguna is an award-winning author of over twenty books for children. Her books for young people have been published in the US, the UK and in translation throughout Europe and Asia. Sofie’s first novel for adults, ‘One Foot Wrong’, was published throughout Europe, the US and the UK, longlisted for the Miles Franklin Award and shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Award.

Sophie Cunningham

Photo of Sophie Cunningham

History Writing

Sophie Cunningham is a former publisher and editor. She is the author of two novels, 'Geography' (2004) and 'Bird' (2008) and two books of non-fiction: Melbourne' (2011) and 'Warning: The Story of Cyclone Tracy' (2014) which was shortlisted for several major literary prizes. Her third novel, 'This Devastating Fever’ is based on Leonard Woolf’s time in Ceylon and later marriage to Virginia Woolf. She is also working on a book of linked essays called 'Diary from the End of Days'. She is...

Spiri Tsintziras

A photograph of Spiri Tsintziras

This Fascinating Life – Writing Memoir (Woodend)

Business Writing - Annual Reports

Memoir in a Year: Protecting Yourself

Spiri Tsintziras has written several books including ‘Afternoons in Ithaka’, a memoir of self-discovery, family and connection.

Steven Amsterdam

A portrait of Steven Amsterdam

Online: Intermediate Short Story Clinic

Steven Amsterdam’s work has appeared in ‘The Age’, ‘Best Australian Stories’, ‘Heat’, ‘Overland’, ‘Meanjin’, ‘The Sleepers Almanac’ and ‘Torpedo’. ‘Things We Didn’t See Coming’ was ‘The Age’ Book of the Year and ‘What the Family Needed’ was longlisted for the International IMPAC award. His new novel, ‘The Easy Way Out’, was released in September.

Terry Jaensch

A portrait of Terry Jaensch

Online: Poetry Clinic

Terry Jaensch is an Australian poet, director and monologist. His first book of poetry, ‘Buoy’, was shortlisted for the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Anne Elder Award. He has worked as a Writer-in-Community, Poetry Editor of ‘Cordite’, Artist-in-Residence, dramaturge, Director of the 2005 Emerging Writers’ Festival, poetry teacher and more. His latest volume of poetry is ‘Shark’.

Tony Birch

A portrait of Tony Birch

The Garret Series: Short Story

Tony Birch is the author of 6 works of fiction; the novels Shadowboxing (2006), Blood (2011) and Ghost River (2015), and the short story collections, Father’s Day (2009), The Promise (2014) and Common People (2017). He is currently a senior research fellow at Victoria University.