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How are online feedback clinics run?

What is a Feedback clinic?

Clinics are virtual writers and feedback groups. Over five months, writers will upload their work onto our learning platform; tutors then provide written feedback on these pieces. We highly encourage other participants in the course to provide feedback on each other’s work in progress and submit their work for peer feedback as well.

Clinics are run twice a year, as part of our season workshop programs. Visit our events page to see the range of clinics that we currently have available.


What can I work on during a clinic?

You can work on anything that you would like feedback on, within the word limits. It might be a new piece of work or an existing work that you would like to revisit. It can include:

●      Part of a single story, an excerpt or you can submit all of the story, indicating which part you would like critiqued.

●      A response to a prompt.

●      Rewrites of earlier pieces.

●      A complete story that fits within the word limit.

●      Multiple shorter pieces.

●      A piece that contains illustrations/experimental media.

●      Five separate pieces, one large piece, or something in between.

It’s important to remember that there are word limits for each clinic type.


What types of clinics are there?

We have run clinics on Emerging Short Story, Advanced Short Story, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Children’s Stories, Crime, Memoir, and Romance. Depending on tutor availability and interest, we offer a new combination of clinics every season.


 Can I register in more than one clinic at one time?

Yes, absolutely!


What dates and times does it run?

Clinics are run twice a year, one block for Season 1 and Season 2. They are run over five months, one round for each month. You will have five opportunities to upload your work and interact with other participants online in that time. Word limits apply to each submission round.

Clinics don’t run on any set times and dates, you will only need to make a note of the submission dates and feedback dates.


How much time do I need to commit to the clinics?

You will only need a few minutes to upload your work and about 1-2 hours monthly to read the work of your colleagues and provide feedback. This course allows you the flexibility to spend as much time as you need to work on your writing.


How long will I have to give feedback?

You will have one week between rounds to read and give feedback to other writers in the group.


Do we meet online or in person?

Clinics are only online and offer a flexible way to access feedback, professional development and industry networking.


Will my stories be public?

No. Your stories will only be seen by your tutor, clinic colleagues and the course administrator. We operate a safe online learning platform which means that all your posts will be private and password encrypted.


Can I write under a pseudonym?

Yes. You can choose to submit your work using your name or a pseudonym. If you wish to use a pseudonym, please make sure to let us know: [email protected].


Can I meet the other writers outside the group?

Yes, there is a Group Discussions Forum on the learning platform where you can connect with other participants. However, we encourage that all communication between writers remain at the discretion of the clinic participants. It is the priority of Writers Victoria to maintain and uphold the privacy of all writers in the clinic.



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