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Stories from Home: Weekly Writing in August

With stage four restrictions underway, and so many of us isolated at home for the second time, this is another chance to reflect on our experiences and share our stories. Let’s get creative again with our August Stories from Home writing challenge.

Following the success of Stories from Home in May and June, Writers Victoria in partnership with VALID, is asking writers with disability to respond to the prompt ‘I look out my window‘.

This time we are asking you to submit up to five 50-word pieces of writing (poetry or prose) and/or 1 or 2 photographs or drawings which capture your thoughts, ideas and reflections this winter. As with Stories from Home in May and June, we will post your work on our websites and social media. 

Need help getting started? Choose one of the prompts below.

I look out my window and I see…

  • people walking past in the cold
  • storm clouds
  • the trees without their leaves
  • the sunlight on my cat
  • that old pair of boots I used to wear
  • the green winter grass
  • my muddy garden

I look out my window and I think about…

  • my favourite song
  • the last time I went to my favourite restaurant
  • what I’ll have for lunch 
  • how good it would be to go to the footy
  • the last time I laughed out loud
  • the noise from leaf blowers and chain saws 
  • ten things I like about you

Deadline: August 21st
Email your stories and your  photographs or drawings to [email protected] or via Facebook Messenger through VALID Facebook page.

Include your contact details (e.g. phone number) and your prompt as a heading at the top of your stories.

Your responses will be posted across Valid and Writers Victoria websites and social media after the 21st of August for you to read.

We are exploring ways we can use your writing to celebrate coming through this difficult time – stay tuned. We look forward to reading your work.

For more information about Stories From Home contact Lyndel Caffrey on [email protected] or call Paul Dunn on 0455 477 303 or Heather Forsythe on 0458 028 904.

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