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Write-ability title screen

In 2014, Arts Access Victoria and the University of Melbourne undertook a research project to investigate the creative case for inclusive arts practice as it relates to people with disability.

The Beyond Access research project developed a number of videos designed to raise awareness of the amazing and diverse work produced by artists with disability.

We are very proud that our Write-ability program was included as one of the Beyond Access case studies. In this short video, Director Kate Larsen and WV tutor and Write-ability Fellow Carly Findlay talk about the program...

If I had a dollar for every person who has approached us saying, ‘So, I have this really great blog that gets up to X amount of hits per day and now I want a book deal,’ I’d be a rich woman. It’s the new big thing – EVERYONE has a blog and now EVERYONE wants a book to accompany their blog.

Are you hoping to find a publisher for your manuscript? Or considering self-publishing? An editor can help you improve your writing and get it ready for submission or publication. A good editor is like a great coach – they will inform, encourage and inspire you to make your writing the best it can be.

‘Writing a picture book is like writing “War and Peace” in Haiku.’ – Mem Fox

‘Social media does not constitute a marketing plan.’

- Judith Curr, President and Publisher of the Atria Publishing Group.

Many Australian publishers now have a direct-to-digital imprint, whether for genre fiction, such as the romance imprints: Escape (Harlequin), Destiny (Penguin Random House), or HarperImpulse (HarperCollins). Other companies such as Momentum (Pan Macmillan) and Xoum publish almost exclusively in digital format across a range of genre and age groups.

Photo of Arnold Zable

At last night’s Annual General Meeting, author and advocate Arnold Zable was awarded honorary membership to Writers Victoria. He responds…

"I am pleased to receive this honorary membership from an organisation that has done such great work for writers and readers over the years.

Advice for new writers of novels:

Some geniuses write alone. Without a single word of encouragement or criticism, these annoyingly self-motivated authors emerge with a fully formed masterpiece ready for publication. For the rest of us, being part of a community of other writers helps us polish our work and find new publishing opportunities – not to mention helping us maintain sanity in a world where words are cheap and writers are seen as financial fools in the thrall of some ridiculous bohemian mythology.

Hazel Rowley

Eight Australian writers have been shortlisted for the 2015 Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship $10,000 award.

In its fourth year, the Fellowship once again received a strong field of high-quality proposals from emerging and established writers across Australia.

“It is very exciting to see the diverse range of both subjects and literary approaches to biographical writing in Australia today” said Della Rowley, sister of biographer Hazel Rowley.

Photo of a deaf man signing 'website'

Welcome to the Writers Victoria website. Click on the video below for an introduction in Auslan.

Find out more about our Write-ability program for writers with disability.

This video was produced by Sign Language Video Productions thanks to the support of Arts Access Australia.