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A photo of Barbara Toner

Barbara Toner discusses writing her twelth book ‘Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-time Husband’

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Writers Victoria recently surveyed everyone who registered for Write-ability events since the program began in 2012, along with WV members who identified as people with disability (PWD). While the statistics collected are invaluable, it’s the experience of participants that matter most. We’ve learned much from participants’ comments and stories and have already implemented changes to the program based on that feedback.

If you love reading, chances are you've thought about reviewing books, too. Ahead of her Writers on Wednesday workshop on Book Reviewing, James Cayley asked The Big Issue books editor, Thuy On, what it takes to make it as a professional reviewer.

a portrait of Ryan O'Neill

Ryan O'Neill's latest book, about the lives of imaginary Australian writers, has been described as "a trick, a sham, a gorgeous lie." Ahead of his Short Story masterclass, James Cayley caught up with Ryan to find out why he's drawn short story, why parody works, and why literary writers should have a go at breaking the rules.

Mick McCoy discusses writing his new novel ‘What the Light Reveals’

There was standing room only at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne on 8 March when the 2018 Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship winner was announced. 

Jacqueline Kent was awarded the $15,000 Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship for her proposed biography of Vida Goldstein.

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Welcome to our monthly brag about our Writers Victoria community members who have won awards, been shortlisted or longlisted for writing prizes or received industry recognition.

Details are now available for the 29th Annual General Meeting of Writers Victoria Incorporated (ABN 18 268 487 576) for the 2017 Calendar Year.

A photo of Astrid Edwards

A search for stories of others diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) led Astrid Edwards to blog about her own experience. Ahead of the Own Voices: Why Writing Matters forum in Moe, Astrid spoke to Writers Victoria about her own work and that of others.

You began blogging at after being diagnosed in 2013. What role has writing about MS played for you?