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Welcome to our monthly brag about our Writers Victoria community members who have won awards, been shortlisted or longlisted for writing prizes or received industry recognition.

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The shortlists for the 2018 Kibble and Dobbie Awards have been announced. Among the shortlisted titles for established Australian female author is:

TM: How did being shortlisted for the Stella Prize in 2017 change your perspective on your own writing?

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Nina Killham

Finishing Your Novel

CC: Your novels have been described as “rollicking” and “wickedly funny.” Being funny on the page is one of the most difficult elements of a writer’s craft. To what do you attribute your success?

Frances Terrett of Writers Victoria spoke to Miles Franklin finalist, Philip Salom, about his latest novel 'The Returns'.

You started your writing career in poetry. What compels you to dip into the novel format?

Melbourne 31 July, 5-8pm

The inaugural Indie Publishing Forums are coming soon to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. The forums will provide an unmissable evening of advice and insider knowledge from a range of publishing industry experts.

The forums are presented by the Small Press Network, Ingram Spark, Thorpe-Bowker and the Australian Society of Authors; and are supported by the Australian Booksellers Association, Queensland Writers Centre, Writers Victoria and Writers NSW.

TM: Your second novel, ‘The Bee and the Orange Tree’, tells the tale of Marie Catherine and her battle for French women’s’ equality in 1699. How did you come across Marie Catherine and what inspired you to tell her story?

Upcoming Spirit of Punk open mic event for all genres, all standards.

Thu 26 April, 6.30 pm
Buck Mulligans Whiskey Bar
217 High St, Northcote VIC 3070

Spirit of Punk is an open mic event without pressure, expectations or judgement.

If you have always wanted to read out your work but have been too afraid – then Spirit of Punk is for you.

In 2018 Banksy collaborated with street artist Borf on a 21-metre mural. The New York protest piece was hatched with evenly-spaced tally marks on a plain background, a pattern disrupted just once by a woman’s face and hands. ‘Free Zehra Doğan’ was painted in the bottom right corner. With this the lines were given context; became prison bars and a record of the number of days spent by Doğan in a Turkish jail.

Mother Nature Breathes, art by Glenys Ratcliffe

When I am painting I am on my own, but I do not feel lonely.  My brain and my mind are full of pleasure and are at one with the creation on canvas I reveal at the end of my brushes.  The colours of the paints make me feel relaxed and filled with joy.  All of the past and present are only in this moment of me.

All of my past dimensions of hurt and pain are in that moment put aside. I cannot hear the voices of torment whilst I am amidst all this colour and each stroke of paint.