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Writers Victoria is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition and recipients of the Glenfern Fellowships.

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Writing is a solitary occupation, but professionals are not as isolated as beginners. They are kept company by emails from their agents and publishers, royalty cheques, advance payments, fan mail, reviews and awards. This gives them lots of encouragement, yet they were all once beginners with only rejection slips for company. Assuming that, like professionals, you love to write, what can you do to keep your morale up while still unknown?

a picture of Bronwyn Lovell speaking passionately into a microphone, presumably at a slam poetry event

I always got really nervous before I went up on stage at poetry slams.

It took me a long time to memorise poems and, once I had, I could still let that nervousness get to me and I’d drop a line or two in the spotlight, or go blank.

I think neither the factual or fictional form of cinema can really claim to be more invested in the telling of truth than the other. Often filmmakers in both camps aspire in one way or another to do just that: tell the truth. For some filmmakers it is the point of filmmaking.

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All serious writers I know can name literary influences that have shaped their emotional landscapes, linguistic sensibilities, writing themes, literary tastes and perhaps even worldviews.

Winter in Melbourne this year has started blue-skied and brisk: the perfect time to snuggle down with a book – or to think about writing your own.

It’s the time of year that we remember why reading and mittens don’t mix, as we try to turn pages with wool-sheathed fingers. When we lie in bed trying to hold our books and eReaders in just one hand to keep the other one warm beneath the sheets. When those of us who write might find it that little bit harder to get the work done.

Yet winter time is writing time in Victoria. Within and outside of Melbourne, there’s lots of writerly...

Award-winning short story writer Michelle Wright has been awarded the inaugural Templeberg Residential Writing Fellowship by Writers Victoria and Templeberg Villa this month.

Writing a weekly newspaper column is at once the most joyful and the most challenging gig your average scribbler can hope for.

Joyful, because it comes with a readership and, let’s face it, every writer wants to be read. Short of being a bestselling author, there are few more privileged positions than being given a blank page each week and paid to fill it.

A group of multicultural and bilingual writers will undertake a week-long residency in Skipton this month.

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There are two New Yorker cartoons I love. In one, a jaded couple is passing a bookstore and one of them is saying, “I’m tired of people who write first novels”. In the other, a man turns from his computer screen to his wife and says, “I feel I have at least one more unpublished novel in me”. Don’t worry, I’m not going to deconstruct them; I just needed an opening.