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So, I work in TV as a writer. I get to write gags, indulge in my love of puns, and sow thinly veiled threats to morons among my words. But it’s all on someone else’s ticket. When it comes to picking up a pen and giving into the stories that fill my head, I’m lucky if I can jot down dot points in between phone calls and briefings.

It’s not something that is usually spoken (or written) about in the same sentence, and even less likely in children’s literature. Children and menstruation.

Photo of Euan Mitchell

In the lead-up to Digital Makeover for Writers, we asked Euan Mitchell what he's had to do in the name of writing.

Euan is a former senior editor for a major publisher. He has written three novels and has a range of non-fiction books to his credit. He has also successfully published other writers in severalgenres. Euan has taught writing, editing and publishing at Monash University, Victoria University and Box Hill TAFE. His latest book is Your Publishing Options.

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The indoor play-centre on a rainy, wet day is a mess of tiny frantic bodies, primary coloured gym mats, plastic balls and padded slides.

My daughter’s on the pirate jumping castle, aughrrrr-aughrrring enough to put any eye-patched long-beard to shame.

You have a fan, my friend Katrina says to me.

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Writers Victoria member Laura McPhee-Browne is the winner of our very short story competition with her eight-sentence story, The Book Club, which will be published on the back of eight Writers Victoria business cards next year.

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An interview with Vanessa Russell

Photo of Kelly Gardiner

The summer we found the boat, Jake turned thirteen.

“Jake’s the head of the family now,” Mum announced.

Then she turned to me. “You have to do what he says.”

I couldn’t see how it made any difference. Jake had been bossing me around since the day I was born.

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December for me has always been the month of retrospection, soul-searching, summaries. This year has been my first year of living the tricky life of a writer-mother.

Photo of Kelly Gardiner

We asked WV tutor Kelly Gardiner about her writing rituals and the books that make her cry.

Kelly is a writer, journalist and editor. Her books include the young adult novels 'Act of Faith' and 'The Sultan’s Eyes'; a picture book, 'Billabong Bill’s Bushfire Christma's; and the Swashbuckler historical adventure trilogy for young readers.

Melbourne short story writer Michelle Wright will travel to Sri Lanka this week as the first writer-in-residence at Galle’s historic Templeberg Villa.