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ALAA Agent Jeanne Ryckmans of Cameron’s Management speaks to WV's Emma Cayley about her love of storytelling and how this has shaped her career.


Loving writing is complicated. Toni Jordan channels Marcus Aurelius (and Miley Cyrus) and learns to embrace the obstacles.

Madeleine Dore turns to the broken-hearted to understand how heartbreak can lead to new expressions of ourselves.

When good erotic writing works, there is nothing like it, writes Krissy Kneen.
(Warning: sexual language and themes).

In the first PEN Melbourne column for 2018, we have good news concerning talented young award-winning Iranian cartoonist Ali Durani, better known under the pseudonym Eaten Fish.

Fan-fiction is a way of engaging with stories and characters you love, but for Jes Layton it has also provided a lesson in living. (Warning: sexual language and themes).

What happens when you put it all on the line to do what you love? Mark Brandi lives to tell the tale.

I did a random Google search today on ‘life after writing your first book’. Succinct and self-explanatory; it’s exactly where I’m at right now.

The story starts here. This is a work of fiction. The author is struggling, she wants to write about a bad tabloid that gained from victims of murder, hacked into their phone lines.

There is a space

With an absence of love.

If love is there, that space is filled.