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Photo of Robert Lukins

Writers Victoria member Robert Lukins discusses the writing of his debut novel ‘The Everlasting Sunday’.

Writers Victoria intern Ellen O'Brien talks to Jenny Ackland about her new novel ‘Little Gods’.

A phot of Roger Averill

Writers Victoria intern Ellen O'Brien talks to Roger Averill about his new novel ‘Relatively Famous’

A photo of Barbara Toner

Barbara Toner discusses writing her twelth book ‘Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-time Husband’

Mick McCoy discusses writing his new novel ‘What the Light Reveals’

ALAA Agent Jeanne Ryckmans of Cameron’s Management speaks to WV's Emma Cayley about her love of storytelling and how this has shaped her career.


A photo of A. S. Patrić by Bleddyn Butcher

A. S. Patrić is the author of two short story collections, 'Las Vegas for Vegans' and 'The Rattler and Other Stories'. His debut novel 'Black Rock White Cit'y was published to critical acclaim in 2015 and won the Miles Franklin Award in 2016.​ He talks to Writers Victoria about writing his recent novel 'Atlantic Black'.

The Writers Victoria Fund aims to increase opportunities for writers who experience financial and social barriers to developing their writing skills and connecting with the writing and publishing community.

Donations to the Fund help provide free or heavily subsidised professional development opportunities for emerging writers throughout the state of Victoria experiencing difficulties arising from financial hardship. 

Part of the role of being a good agent is to stay on top of what publishers are looking for – the publishing trends. It is not as easy as looking at the bestseller list, however, because by the time a trend reaches the reader, agents and publishers are already looking for the next big thing.