Winter School is back!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

an autumn leaf in the snow
Winter School

What does the word 'winter' conjure for you? Perhaps it’s seeing your breath come out in clouds on cold mornings, or wrestling with an umbrella in the wind. Or perhaps it’s wrestling with your own words – getting them down, polishing them up, making them sing.

This July, Winter School is back, with fourteen writing workshops to keep your creative fires burning.

Our bestsellers on Writing the BodyWriting Grief and Trauma, and Writing for the Education Market are back, plus new offerings on Working Through Writer’s BlockProblem-Solving in Literary FictionBuilding Emotional ResonanceLong-Form Journalism and more.

And we’re very excited to announce that US-based poet Jane Hirshfield will be our special guest with a new masterclass on poetic voice, presented in partnership with Australian Poetry and Mildura Writers Festival.

Whether you’re a poet, novelist, storyteller, children’s writer, journalist, memoirist, freelancer or a writer who needs to get unstuck, we hope you’ll find something to warm your writing hands this winter.


The Novel of Ideas with Lia Hills, Monday 16 July

In the tradition of ‘littérature engagée’ and the novel of ideas, this workshop is about identifying what it is you want to explore on a deeper level in your work and how to do this effectively.

Voice and Point of View with Robert Gott, Tuesday 17 July

If the voice in your writing is wrong, everything is wrong. Explore how voice and point of view can shift and change in controlled and deliberate ways.

Writing for the Education Market with George Ivanoff, Wednesday 18 July

The primary school education market, an often-ignored area of publishing, can be a great pathway into the children’s writing industry. Find out how you can break in.

Building Emotional Resonance with Kate Cuthbert, Thursday 19 July

A great plot, exotic setting, fantastic ideas – they all mean nothing if your reader doesn’t deeply feel all of the emotions in your story. 

Problem-Solving in Literary Fiction with Lyndel Caffrey, Friday 20 July

Writing literary fiction can be like travelling in unfamiliar country without a map. Without a guide, how will you decide which way to go? And how do you get yourself back on the right path when you’ve taken a wrong turn?

The Body, Writing with Quinn Eades, Saturday 21 July

Focus on writing from (rather than about) life experiences and the body, with a series of writing exercises to produce your own embodied text.

Finding the Loose Brick – Working Through Writers’ Block with Myfanwy Jones, Sunday 22 July

A single-day retreat for writers banging their heads against story walls. Experiment with different approaches to finding the loose brick that opens a secret door.

Writing Grief and Trauma with Eliza Henry-Jones, Monday 23 July

Trauma and grief are daunting issues to write about. Learn what trauma and grief actually are, how to address them in your writing and how to keep yourself safe while doing so.

Who, What and Why: The Plotting Triangle with Annabel Smith, Tuesday 24 July

This hands-on interactive workshop will equip participants with the tools for plotting a novel or novella.

Poetic Voice Masterclass with Jane Hirshfield, Wednesday 25 July

This workshop will explore the mysterious yet instantly recognisable quality of poetic ‘voice’ and how it is made.

Writing Long-Form Journalism with Anna Krien, Thursday 26 July

A rare opportunity to work one of Australia’s most respected non-fiction writers. Equip yourself with the necessary tools to tell your true story.

Making Social Media Work with Karen Andrews, Friday 27 July

Discover the rich, fun and rewarding ways you can use social media as a promotional tool or for its own creative ends.

Series Fiction for Children with Sally Rippin, Saturday 28 July

Discover what it takes to hook your young reader in, keep them turning the pages and make them fall in love with your characters across more than one book.

Writing the Self in Creative Non-Fiction with Lee Kofman, Sunday 29 July

In creative non-fiction authors always have some presence. Look at how you can incorporate your own story within wider issues.