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Monday, January 23, 2017
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Words in the world 2017 / Season 1
Words in the world

For nearly three decades Writers Victoria has been a leading provider of information, resources and skills development for our members and the broader writing community. With almost 3,500 members, we are the state’s largest organisation supporting Victorian writers.

As another writing year begins, we share our vision for the year to come with this extract from our 2017 Business Plan.

Our goals (2017-2020)

Our three key goals for this period are:

  • Our Community: To support, connect and grow a diverse and thriving literary community in Victoria (and beyond).
  • Our Leadership: To increase recognition of Writers Victoria as the peak body for writers and writing in the state and as a national best-practice leader in literary development.
  • Our Organisation: To maintain a strong and sustainable organisation to continue to grow our impact and legacy.

Each of these goals will be addressed in relation to:

  • Excellence and innovation
  • Partnerships
  • Diversity
  • Access
  • Sustainability

2017 strategic priority areas

In 2017, our work will include a focus on the following priority areas:

To support this work, our other strategic priority areas for this period include:

  • Online delivery and communication.
  • Increasing earned income (in order to reduce our reliance on grant funding for our priority groups).

2017 program

The theme of our 2017 program (‘Words in the world’) has been designed to celebrate the value of words in the world - both through how we recognise the impact of our literary community and by highlighting the different ways that writers can develop their craft (and make a living in the process).

Our delivery strategy is based on:

  • Developing a diverse program of services and activities with a range of topics, formats and price points in response to the needs, interests and ambitions of our members.
  • Working with professional writers and industry experts to present high quality skills- and artform-development opportunities.
  • Collaborating with partners and colleague organisations (within and outside of the arts sector) to develop complementary program ideas and new opportunities in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for Victoria’s writers.

In addition to servicing a membership of nearly 3,500 members, our 2017 program will provide direct support for more than 2,500 early-career, emerging and established writers and provide more than 450 paid employment and commission opportunities.

It will reach more than 100,000 people through our online platforms and more than 4,500 subscribers through our ‘The Victorian Writer’ magazine (one of the most valued elements of our program).

It will also allow us to trial a number of new initiatives and business models as we move towards diversifying our income and building organisational capacity and future sustainability.

The 2017 program will explore new ways for members to connect and learn from each other, and continue to be a place where writers come together within a supportive literary community.

We will extend and deepen our partnerships with specialist organisations and new partners to ensure our projects with diverse groups, young and regional writers, and writers with disability are both strategic and community-led.  

We will capitalise on the size and authority of our membership to lead on sector issues, advocate on behalf of writers, and continue to be recognised as the state’s peak body for writers and writing.

About our Strategic Plan

Writers Victoria is in the first year of a four-year Strategic Plan, which can be found on this website.

If you’d like to find out more about our four-year Strategic Plan, 2017 Business Plan or targets, please email Kate.