Warm up your writing with Winter School

Thursday, June 15, 2017
Writers Victoria

School's back and we’re serving you a winter’s feast of writing fare. From craft to creativity, science writing to science fiction, performance to perfect YA, there is something for every writer.

In the words of Winter School tutor Kate Cuthbert, “writers can learn from what other writers do well”. Take one class, or take them all. Pick and mix from our day-long courses on creativity, place and voice; tackle those thorny subjects with workshops on ethics and advocacy, grief and trauma; tell your story, develop your brand and even make some money doing what you love.

This is a chance to learn from some of Australia’s best writers including Cate Kennedy, Carrie Tiffany, Arnold Zable, Hazel Edwards, Candy Bowers and Michael Pryor, to name a few.

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Writing Grief and Trauma, 10 July
With Eliza Henry Jones

Trauma and grief are daunting issues to write about. Learn what trauma and grief actually are, how to address them in your writing and how to keep yourself safe while doing so. Learn practical tips for exploring grief and trauma and have a go at some fiction writing exercises.

How to Write Your Perfect YA Novel, 11 July
With Eli Glasman

Cover some of the foundations of writing for young adults, including how to create relatable characters, write realistic dialogue and structure engaging plots that teenagers, and many adults, will enjoy.

Authorpreneurship - The Business of Creativity, 12 July
With Hazel Edwards

In the business of creativity, the author is the brand. Writers and illustrators are solo operators in the business of ideas. This session is designed for those who have a professional attitude towards the publishing of their books and ideas.

Winter School: A Crash Course in Freelance Journalism, 13 July
With Greg Foyster

Freelance writing offers journalistic independence and creative control. Get a toolkit for getting started, including advice about pitching, planning, interviewing, editing your own work and building a successful business model.

Winter School: Other People’s Lives – Storytelling and Ethics, 14 July
With Michael Green

Deep stories about real people can illuminate complex social issues. But how do you best tell those stories? Do you even have the right to tell them? Delve into the practice and ethics of non-fiction writing.

Winter School: Writing and Structuring Memoir, 15 July
With Meelee Soorkia

Learn how to turn your life events into an unforgettable narrative that will captivate the reader from page one.

Winter School: Lessons from Commercial Fiction, 16 July
With Kate Cuthbert

There is so much to learn from commercial fiction. Build great worlds like a fantasy author; learn to pace like a crime writer. Deepen and strengthen your own writing by learning the lessons commercial writing has to teach.

Winter School: Writing Place, 17 July
With Cate Kennedy

This workshop will deal with place and setting, and explore how place, particularity and attention to detail can enrich your narrative and its implications to truly engage your reader.

Winter School: Writing and Advocacy, 18 July
With Arnold Zable

Story has the power to humanise, and to create empathy. Issues of social justice and advocacy can be expressed in many ways – fiction or non-fiction, short stories or novels, opinion pieces or features. Explore the art of story across genres.

Winter School: Finding Your Voice, 19 July
With Carrie Tiffany

Finding your writing voice can be a struggle. This course will help you to discover your own true voice and uncover the drives, desires and concerns that will get you writing distinctively and with confidence.

Winter School: Writing for Performance, 20 July
With Candy Bowers

Gain skills in story-making and storytelling for the stage in this highly interactive workshop. Learn how to create fierce work to crack open the form and birth greater creativity.

Winter School: Science Writing, 21 July
With Marina Hurley

When writing about science it is easy to drift onto related topics in the researching, planning and writing stages. This workshops helps you to stay on track and be more efficient at each stage of writing.

Winter School: Creativity 101, 22 July
With Karen Andrews

Have you ever thought certain people are born with creativity encoded into their DNA – and that you are not one of those people? Join us for a day of learning, self-exploration, experimentation and play. For new writers and those who need to get unstuck.

Winter School: Writing Science Fiction, 23 July

With Michael Pryor

Looking to learn the ins and outs of Science Fiction? Want to know how to create convincing and immersive alternative worlds? Curious about SF that doesn’t include robots, aliens or space travel? Hungering for tips on how to include robots, aliens and space travel? This workshop is for you.