True Grit Season 1 2019

Sunday, December 1, 2019

True Grit program
True Grit program

True grit. Fortitude. Perseverance. Moxie. Call it what you will, writers need it, and in good supply. 

 With our 2019 program, we want to celebrate the courage, resolve and resilience it takes to confront the blank page, to apply yourself to a project on days you just don't want to, to take constructive criticsim on the chin, and withstand the inevitable rejections that are a writer's lot.

We have courses, workshops and seminars to help find and grow your writing grit. Grit, of course, is what an oyster needs to make a pearl—and in much the same way, the writer takes the grit of an idea that won't go away, layers it with meaning, and crafts it into a story.

Our 2019 program brims with workshops to help polish your literary gems and bring lustre to your writing.

Download the pdf of the program here.